Living Beyond Illusion: Your Soul’s Blueprint to Wisdom, Clarity, and Self-Love

 A 6-month transformational group coaching program facilitated by Lauren Kay Wyatt to magnetize your best relationships and results you love by unleashing authentic self-confidence and self-trust, dismantling illusions, elevating self-awareness, and aligning with universal wisdom, wholeness, and Divine Love.

Join Lauren Kay Wyatt on a transformative 6-month expedition to shed light on illusions, amplify self-awareness, and synchronize your life and relationships with Love.

Introducing the Illusions of Relationship™:

  • Identify and Transcend Illusions: Lovingly liberate yourself from obstacles obstructing personal evolution, success, and relationships.
  • Connect with the Divine: Elevate clarity, wholeness, and purpose.
  • Navigate Life with Love & Confidence: Lead with trust, faith, and assurance.
  • Decondition & Deprogram: Step outside the “Life Template;” navigate as your true self.
  • Practice Discernment: Read situations clearly, and be aware of Junior, our word for ego, and untruths.
  • Activate Spiritual Support: Harness your inner wisdom and spiritual gifts, make wise choices, feel Supported by the Divine.
  • Be Unapologetically You: Infuse authenticity and Love into all life areas and relationships.
  • Align to Wholeness: Practice self-love and acceptance for holistic healing.

Every relationship, whether with self or others, is an accurate reflection of perceptions, expectations, and emotions. Yet, many times, we find ourselves enmeshed in patterns that don’t serve our highest good. The Illusions of Relationship™, as illuminated by Lauren Kay Wyatt, are the hidden culprits — deceptive perceptions that often lead us astray. This program is a beacon of light, revealing these illusions and guiding you on a path of Love to transcend them. By unraveling these intricate threads, you’re not just enhancing your relationships; you’re elevating your very being.

In Lauren Kay Wyatt’s spiritual voyages, she has interacted with diverse souls, each yearning for deeper meaning, understanding, and connection. This program is meticulously tailored for you if:

  • You feel there’s more to life and relationships, wanting to go beyond superficial connections.
  • You believe [on some level] everything in life mirrors a relationship, be it with people, passions, or the universe.
  • You face challenges in your relationships and are looking for transformative insights.
  • Spirituality calls out to you, seeking a deeper understanding and connection.
  • You crave true intimacy, not just physically but emotionally and spiritually.
  • You’re a creative spirit, an empath, intuitive, or sensitive—even if you haven’t recognized or labeled it yet. This is a sanctuary for souls who feel deeply.
  • Your mind is beautiful, constantly seeking harmony between what makes practical sense, logic, emotional expression, and intuition.
  • You yearn to experience authentic joy, success, peace, and abundance. 

And if you’re that type of spirit (person), you might be facing/feeling/challenged with: (or) 

The Challenges You’re Facing: 

  • You often find yourself feeling lost, overwhelmed, or gripped by existential anxiety.
  • Despite the chaos, there’s a burning desire in you to be authentic, confident, and trusting. 
  • You’re searching for purpose, asking the Universe what’s truly special about you.
  • You sometimes push people away due to illusions of control, a penchant for drama, or self-sacrifice, dimming your light to let others shine.
  • The weight of the human condition feels like a heavy chain, and you’re ready to move past fear.
  • You crave seeing a reflection of yourself in the solutions, stories, and guidance you seek.
  • While some avoid confronting their shadows, you’re among the brave, willing to truly look and dive deep.”

Meet Your Spiritual Navigator & Divine Translator

Lauren Kay Wyatt, Spiritual Navigator and Divine TranslatorI am Lauren Kay Wyatt. I’m a psychic, spiritual advisor, transformational coach, and pet psychic. For over a decade, I’ve used my psychic abilities to guide souls through the complexities of human emotions, relationships, and the divine connections that tie it all together. With professional experience spanning over 10 years, I am deeply committed to helping you see through illusions, align with clarity, and live authentically.

Recognizing and embracing my psychic talents wasn’t an immediate journey. Like many, I’ve faced challenges, including doubting my abilities and experiencing health crises. However, these hurdles propelled me to pivot the direction of my life, leading me to fully accept my gifts and use them in service to others.

Some of my “accomplishments” include:

  • Founder of Love Renegades and Creator of the Illusions of Relationship™
  • Longterm happy, committed partnership (married for 11 years, together for 15 years) 
  • Transformational Psychic Coach & Energy Healer of hundreds of people since 2012
  • Advanced Practitioner Certification in Soul Realignment, an Akashic Records Healing Modality
  • Advanced Human Design Specialist 
  • Reiki Master since 2011
  • Vedic Astrology Deep Dive w/ beloved Indian teachers
  • Pet Psychic Healer & Animal Communication Business

Apart from my professional journey, I cherish moments of prayer, meditation, contemplating cosmic truths, yoga, exercise, Kung Fu, embracing nature, cooking, traveling, and sharing laughter with my beloved husband, Daniel, our friends, and our five pets in our Austin home.

I feel like a ton has been lifted off of my heart and my soul. Between the healing that you sent, the written insight, the meditations and It was affirming, light shedding and so empowering. Lauren has such a gift of allowing people to see their divine truths, their divine powers and you helped me remember mine exactly as I needed to in this moment. I went from holding my head in my hands wondering how I had found myself in the energy of another's the way I had again to KNOWING my path forward and I know the work you did with me contributed to that immensely. I am almost literally walking on pure sunshine right now feeling like the path is illuminated and ready to be explored!

~ Jenn Murphy, Author, Professor, Coach

Life-changing. If I could pick one word to describe my experience working with Lauren, it's deeply life-changing. The information I have received is something I have been trying to understand my whole life, the things I discovered in the session resonated so deeply and profoundly that it resolved the issue I have worked on my whole life! And just like that I got free, free from years of pain and suffering. I don't have enough words to express my gratitude for the gift she gave me, I now have everything I will ever need to have the live I always thought I could have. There are not many in the world that are able to do the work that Lauren does, I'm humbled by her knowledge, wisdom, skill and tremendous capacity for love.

~ Elena Weisenburger, Human Design Consultant & Coach

Healthy, happy partnership is the one realm of life where I previously felt consistently “unlucky”—even cursed! In many other regards, I have experienced astonishing beauty and blessing, yet there were plenty of ways in which my life could still have borne significant improvement. Absolutely everything is better now. It is truly saying something to declare that Lauren is one of the best things ever to happen to me.

~ Linda, Labor & Delivery Nurse

Helping clients recognize and move through their own bullshit relationship patterns IS a particular strength of Lauren’s (and in a very, very personalized way; her advice for you will often be totally different from her advice for me). Like most folks, I happen to have plenty of those patterns, and so as circumstances have continued to reveal them, we’ve continued working on them—along with other areas of my life that have a non-obvious but now undeniable connection to what I experience in dating. I judge my success, facilitated by Lauren, by the amazing steps I have made along the way in EVERY area of my life!

~ Anita, Social Worker & Energy Healer

If anyone is looking to make changes for the better in their life and looking for a push or guidance whether it be in love, career, or personal, Lauren Kay Wyatt is simply amazing! Since working with her I have been able to clear the path to a better job making more money, to relocating to the beach, and completing my fitness competition. It really has been a great experience working with her. If you're interested reach out to her.

~ Amber, Sales Representative, California

A big thank you to Lauren Kay Wyatt who helped me with the tough love that I needed at a time when I needed it. Working with her on my outlook and mind’s health did really change my life and set me on a trajectory that has helped me improve my quality of life.

~ Julia, I.T.

Introducing the Illusions of Relationship™ Tarot Deck!

Hover over or click on each card to unveil insights into each of these captivating illusions and learn more about the intricate dynamics they introduce to our relationships.

Description: If you identify with the Illusion of Control, you are a natural leader & an action-taker. Dominance, micromanagement, and power struggles characterize your relationships. You fear being controlled. Deep down, you believe others are less capable.

Key Insight: While your ability to lead is commendable, the challenge is in finding balance and avoiding overpowering dynamics in relationships.

Description: Characterized by devotion and nurturance, those aligned with the Illusion of Sacrifice often place others before themselves. With a history of selflessness, they often feel unappreciated.

Key Insight: Learning to establish boundaries and realizing that true love doesn’t always mean sacrificing oneself is crucial.

Description: Detail-oriented and organized, those under the Illusion of Perfection aim for immaculacy. However, they often struggle with anxiety, fear of rejection, and a daunting inner critic.

Key Insight: Perfection isn’t the end-all. Authenticity and embracing unique methods are equally valuable.

Description: Charismatic and passionate, those with the Illusion of Drama either magnetize drama or avoid it. Emotional control is a significant challenge, leading to both covert and overt dramatic expressions.

Key Insight: The duality of the Illusion of Drama requires recognizing and managing both its quiet and loud facets for a harmonious relationship.

Description: Brilliant thinkers, those under the Illusion of Absorption, are often caught up in themselves, leading to perceived self-absorption. They tend to disconnect when situations become intense, leading to a lack of present-mindedness.

Key Insight: While independence and autonomy are strengths, they must not overshadow the value of connection and empathy in relationships.

Description: High achievers resonating with the Illusion of Satisfaction have often rebuilt their lives post-trauma. While they shine in achievements, they constantly seek more and fear change and repetition of past failures.

Key Insight: Achievement is rewarding, but constant pursuit without contentment can lead to dissatisfaction. Embracing change and confronting fears are essential.

  1. Lauren Kay WyatKnow Who You Are & Act as Your True Self/ Unapologetically You:

    Description: Experience new levels of self–love through self-actualization and genuine confidence. Bring your Divine gifts into all your relationships, interactions, and circumstances. Acting as your true self allows your life to flow as you experience more harmonious and dynamic relationships and higher levels of abundance on every level.

  2. Establish and Refresh Sacred Boundaries:

    Description: Navigate your life and relationships with renewed clarity. This process helps you identify and fortify your boundaries, ensuring that each interaction and circumstance is rooted in respect and mutual understanding.

  3. Bitch, Bless & Burn: Living Emotional Liberation

    Description: Let go of past baggage and energies that no longer serve your highest good. By releasing the past, you create space for new possibilities and relationships.

  4. Illusion Deep Dives:

    Each illusion plays a significant role in our relationships. Delve into the depths of each Illusion of Relationship™ understand its intricacies, and find the tools to transcend each illusion.

    Illusion of Control: Learn to balance leadership with collaboration.
    Illusion of Sacrifice: Discover the power of self-love and boundaries.
    Illusion of Perfection: Embrace authenticity over superficiality and/or perfectionism.
    Illusion of Drama: Navigate emotional terrains with grace.
    Illusion of Absorption: Foster genuine connections and expand your thinking while maintaining your individuality.
    Illusion of Satisfaction: Find contentment in the present while aiming for the future.

  5. Activate Wholeness & Spiritual Support:

    Description: Delve into practices that allow you to harness your spiritual gifts, ensuring that every decision and choice you make aligns with your highest self. This transformative segment will empower you to navigate life with renewed confidence, faith, and assurance.

  6. Lovingly Decondition & Deprogram:

    Description: Step outside the societal norms, expectations, and matrices that have long influenced your perceptions and behaviors. Rediscover and navigate life as your true self, free from the constraints and illusions that once held you back. This process ensures that you lead a life that’s not just devoid of BS but is also truly badass.

Program Elements: Your Journey to Love & Wisdom

Duration: 6 months

Bi-weekly Group Calls + One Private Session (to use at any time!) 

  • Introduction: Begin each session centered, harmonizing all participants.
  • Group Readings & Healings: Lauren channels Spirit and imparts insights from discussed illusions, and universal truths while facilitating group readings and healings.
  • Transformational Psychic Coaching: Using tools like Human Design, Spirit Guides, Akashic Records, and Lauren’s psychic clarity, participants are coached to navigate as their true selves.
  • Participant Discussions: An open forum for sharing, deliberation, support, and interaction.
  • Individual Interactions: Moments with Lauren drawing insights from group dynamics.
  • Recording: All sessions are recorded and shared for participants’ review.

Customized Private Session from Lauren Kay Wyatt to use at any time during the Six-Month Program: Every participant will receive a private 60-minute session, which will serve as key insight on navigating as oneself. Within the private session, participants will discover the following:

  • Loving & Empowering Support: Know who you are and identify obstacles, and understand ways to overcome them and succeed.
  • Recognition of Personal Gifts: Identify and harness innate strengths and infuse them into your life and relationships.
  • Understanding Illusions: Recognize susceptibilities to illusions and strategize ways to overcome them.
  • Energy Clearing: Rejuvenate personal energies by clearing out “psychic gunk”
  • Spiritual Healing: Reconnect with the Divine and align with your wholeness.
  • Clarity Guide: Establish objectives in life, career, and relationships that align with one’s spiritual blueprint.

Community Building:

  • Facebook Group: A dedicated space for participants to foster camaraderie, engage in discussions, and support each other.
  • Guided and Facilitated Discussion Threads: Dive deeper into topics for better understanding and interactive learning.


Enrollment Window: Open from February 23, 2024  to March 31, 2024

  • Comprehensive group coaching sessions with Lauren Kay Wyatt.
  • Private Customized Session for you to use at any time in the six-month program.
  • Healing Report outlining your Gifts & Unique Journey—delivered within the first month of the program.
  • Access to exclusive materials, tools, and resources. 
  • Priority support and guidance throughout the journey, within our group’s private facebook.
  • Investment:
    • Full Pay: $2000
    • Payment Plan: 6 payments of $350


Although all of us are unique and different, from fully participating in this program, you increase your likelihood of experiencing the following:

  • Heightened levels of Love, translating into liberation and forgiveness
  • Amazing new circumstances within your life and relationships—when you are your true, whole, and Divine self you align yourself to tangible circumstances that you love within your life and relationships
  • Clarity of intuition—this program will teach you discernment and support you in understanding and following your intuition and inner wisdom
  • Transform into the most powerful version of yourself as you release the past and embrace your bright future—imagine the healing ripple effect within you and your loved ones lives from your choice to live in Love; beyond illusion!
    • New opportunities for love, success, peace, abundance, and joy—when make choices that align to Truth (and not to illusion) you create a whole new trajectory for yourself!
    • Investment:
      • Full Pay – $2000
      • Payment Plan: 6 payments of $350
    • If you require a different payment plan, please let Lauren know.
What is your refund policy?

All sales are final. We do not issue refunds.

How long does the program last?

 This program is six months in length, but what you discover within it will last you a lifetime.

What is included?

This includes biweekly group coaching sessions on Zoom, a private transformational psychic coaching session, your healing report/transformational roadmap, spiritual healing, energy clearing, and extra support from our private Facebook group.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. A six-month payment option is available. 

 Please understand that the six-month option is here to assist you in being able to invest in yourself through this transformational program. In other words, this is not a month-to-month commitment. It is a six-month commitment with benefits that occur over fully participating within the six-month timeframe.

I live in a different country, can I still sign up?

Of course! All of the classes are delivered over Zoom so you can join from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.

What if I cannot be “live” during the group calls?

All sessions will be recorded and sent to each participant in a timely manner. If you want Lauren to address something during the group session, contact her prior to class with your questions, comments, or shares, and Lauren will respond to your question during the group coaching session.

I have tried to achieve this before–what makes this different?

Perhaps you were in a different place then, or you have blocks you do not know about. It sounds like you would really benefit from a consultation with Lauren. Within the consultation, Lauren will listen and address all of your questions and concerns, as well as help you tune into your inner wisdom to determine if this program is right for you.

How much access will I have to Lauren Kay Wyatt?

Lauren will be available to support you in the group calls, the group Facebook group, and within your private session. On the weekends, Lauren may not be as available to assist you, as she makes sure to practice self-care and model healthy boundaries [to give herself time off to recharge] and be at her best for you and all of her clients.

I am not a “group person.” What’s Lauren’s response to that?

If anyone understands this sentiment, it’s Lauren. 🙂  Lauren values each person’s individuality and autonomy, while also acknowledging the healing power the group gives to each individual on their respective journeys. Some of Lauren’s dearest friends have been through groups she has participated in, and she has witnessed deep friendships evolving among the members of past groups she has facilitated. When done correctly and with the intention of respecting each person’s individuality and encouraging every participant to follow their inner wisdom, groups can be incredibly transformative and supportive. All of that said, you might prefer to be a private client of Lauren’s, and you are welcome to reach out to her about this option.

Where did the Illusions of Relationship™ come from?

They are channeled wisdom directly from Spirit to Lauren Kay Wyatt, the recipient of these sacred insights. The Illusions of Relationship™ used to be called the Relationship Archetypes, the Laws of Love, the Illusions of Love, and personal illusions. These insights came to Lauren in a very distinct universal pattern as a system to help people overcome their personal illusions and patterns of self-sabotage in their relationships and in how they relate to all aspects of their lives.

Still not sure? Book a free call! 

Do you want to say yes, but would feel better about committing by speaking with Lauren first? 

When you book a free 20-minute consulation, you receive the following:

  • Clarity on your unique healing path
  • Confidence in your choice—whether it’s a yes or a no
  • Supportive insight

*Please note that this is a consultation, not a free reading. 🙂 


Refund Policy and Terms

Thank you for being a treasured client. We look forward to serving you on your healing adventure of feeling great, having clarity, and creating a life you love. Your choice to purchase this service is your consent to receive spiritual counseling and psychic awareness from Lauren Kay Wyatt/Love Renegades. All sales are final, and we do not issue refunds.