Spirit Love

Psychic coaching, healings, and readings, delivered over a six-month period.

 Navigating your Compelling Future

    Spirit Love Sessions

    Over the course of six months, you will receive six sessions that focus on your life path, relationships, and integration of your soul-level gifts into your whole life. You will receive coaching, healing insight, and energy clearing to remove  “psychic boulders” from your path. Your soul-gifts, your attributes as a Divine being are all a focal point of the coaching process of Spirit Love. 

    Psychic Healing

    In addition to Spirit Love Sessions, you will receive six “psychic healings” to support you in aligning to your Divinity, healing your soul-wounding, and doing your sacred work within your relationships, your business, how you relate to your body, etc.

    Intuition & Psychic Sight

    In addition to the six Spirit Love Sessions and psychic healings, Lauren will guide you with her psychic sight and support you in cultivating new levels of trust by connecting with your own inner wisdom and intuitive process.  

    Human Design

     In addition to using the Akashic Records via Soul Realignment and in addition to receiving insight from your Spirit Guides, ancestors, and higher self via the Grand Tableau, Lauren will help you create the life and relationships you desire by resting into your energy via your Human Design.

    Unconditional & Unlimited Support

     In addition to receiving your monthly sessions, readings, and psychic healings, Lauren offers you unlimited support in between sessions with email, Voxer, and telegram.  

    Hi, I’m Lauren!

    I have been serving clients since 2012.  I am passionate about using my psychic abilities and my love of self-actualization to support you in creating higher levels of trust, confidence, joy, and love in your relationships and life.

    Currently, I live in Austin, Texas with my husband and four pets. When I am not serving clients, you can find me meditating, exercising, or even watching reality tv.

    Book a free Sacred Inquiry to connect with me and to explore if Spirit Love is a good fit for you. This meeting is on Zoom. I am really looking forward to connecting with you and supporting you in your growth. Blessings xx 

    I’d Love to Help

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    Austin, TX— Serving clients worldwide.