Relationship Reading

Already in a relationship and want to have an even deeper experience with your partner? A relationship reading enlightens you to opportunities to transform your relationship into a conscious partnership filled with passion, love, and co-creation.

Customized Programs

What would it feel like to be completely healed and empowered?  What would it be like to break free of repressing systems and convention? Being a Love Renegade requires passion, courage, and commitment.  Are you ready?

Wisdom Session

    Ready to reconnect with your Soul, rest into your energy, and receive healing?  Get Wisdom, an Akashic Record Reading with Human Design and your Guides. 

VIP Coaching

  Are you ready to heal the past and create completely new results in your life and relationships? Let Lauren be your personal psychic and coach for six months.

Psychic Healing

Are you or your pet in need of some spiritual healing? Let Lauren sooth your soul with some energy healing, mysticism, and guidance from the psychic realm. 

Psychic Reading

 Curious about what the future has in store for you? Do you want to know how things will unfold? Get a psychic reading. Lauren will prepare your reading and email it to you.

I am looking forward to serving you!

If you have any questions about any of these services, please email me at lauren at love renegades dot com. After I receive notification of payment, I will be in touch via email to coordinate details and to obtain information I will need to create your session, healing, or reading. Make sure to check all email folders to ensure that we are able to connect. All sales are final. Refunds are not offered. Blessings xx