Craving a deep and soulful experience?

Vedic Astrology Reading

Ready to cozy up with the warm blanket of understanding and Divine support? Schedule a Vedic Reading with Lauren Kay Wyatt, trusted psychic, spiritual advisor, and transformational coach, and gain insight on your Divine and unique path. Lauren will guide you through certain aspects of your Vedic Astrology chart and shed light on important themes. You will leave the session feeling revitalized by your soul essence.

Lauren Kay Wyatt’s reading was mind-blowing! One of the things that stands out the most is the clearing of a lifelong issue. We always joked in my family about the Albert Hex. But, I never really spoke on this publicly. The hex was about financial loss that happened to every one of my family members over and over again. We had no idea that this Hex was real, but Lauren actually saw it and cleared it. This clearing has made a difference in my business. The flow has opened and continues to build as I let go of the family lineage and step fully into my uniquely healed self. Thank you to Lauren’s reading that merged her Astrology and psychic insights to assist me in what was exactly needed in my life in that moment. 5-Stars!

Raquel Reyna

Revolutionary Human Design Teacher & Mystic

Hearing about my ascendent and moon placement felt like a blessing. I felt things awaken within me during and after my reading. This has helped me see myself and my life with new eyes, which has helped me feel better about myself.

Alex A

Office Manager

Investment & Service Details

A Vedic Astrology Reading is $150, 60 minutes, and delivered over Zoom. A recording of your session and a copy of your chart are provided to you afterward.


Next Steps

After you purchase your reading, you will receive an email from Lauren with intake questions and a link to schedule your session. 

Please check your spam and promotions folders to ensure you receive an email from lauren at lauren kay wyatt dot com.  If you do not receive the email immediately, you may need to wait a few minutes. If you do not receive an intake email within a day, contact me directly at lauren at lauren kay wyatt dot com.

Gratitude and Terms

Thank you for being a treasured client. We look forward to serving you. Your choice to purchase this service is your consent to receiving spiritual counseling and psychic guidance from Lauren Kay Wyatt/ Love Renegades. This is not a substitute for medical, psychological, or legal care. All sales are final. We do not issue refunds.