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Join Lauren Kay Wyatt each week for a transformative journey of navigating your life and relationships with Love, Trust, and Confidence.

Let’s face it, the world can be a confusing and odd place! There are so many emotions, plenty of drama, and MANY differing viewpoints!

For sensitive people like us, it can feel really overwhelming and even scary at times.

As if that’s not enough, we have to deal with Junior—my word for ego—and experience negative self-talk, moments of self-doubt, and terrible confusion about decision-making and what to believe.

If you’re not careful—or just don’t know any better— other people, twisted ideas, Mistaken Thinking, and Illusion take over!

It’s overwhelming.

It’s exhausting.

It kind of sucks!

But guess what? It doesn’t have to be this way!

Now, imagine what it would be like to trust yourself and the Universe—to know how to navigate any situation!

What would it feel like to approach Life from a place of fun, love, and confidence!!

Behold the Clarity Portal: Your Sacred Space for Weekly Predictions, Spiritual Support & Divine Guidance to Navigate Your Life and Relationships with Love, Trust, & Confidence: 

  • Gain awareness and understanding of the energies of the upcoming week
  • Approach your life and relationships from a place of love, authenticity, and acceptance—instead of from fear, conformity, and judgment
  • View situations, obstacles, and events with eyes of Love and Truth—rise above fear and empower yourself with new ways of thinking
  • Receive Divine Guidance to empower your life with confidence, connection, and joy
  • Connect with Spirit and feel energized, supported, and taken care of
  • Development new levels of self-love, self-trust, and self-empowerment

It’s not just about knowing what will happen and having a spiritual “heads-up”; it’s about empowering your mind to approach life in a conscious, clear, and authentic way.

I am Lauren Kay Wyatt. I’m a psychic, spiritual advisor, transformational coach, and pet psychic. For over a decade, I’ve used my psychic abilities to guide souls through the complexities of human emotions, relationships, and the divine connections that tie it all together. With professional experience spanning over 10 years, I am deeply committed to helping you see through illusions, align with clarity, and live authentically.

Recognizing and embracing my psychic talents wasn’t an immediate journey. Like many, I’ve faced challenges, including doubting my abilities and experiencing health crises. However, these hurdles propelled me to pivot the direction of my life, leading me to fully accept my gifts and use them in service to others.

Some of my “accomplishments” include:

  • Founder of Love Renegades
  • Creator of the Illusions of Relationship Quiz™ and the Spirit Speaks Quiz™
  • Longterm happy, committed partnership (married for 11 years, together for 15 years) 
  • Psychic Coach, Reader & Energy Healer since 2012
  • Advanced Practitioner Certification in Soul Realignment, an Akashic Records Healing Modality
  • Advanced Human Design Specialist 
  • Reiki Master since 2011
  • Vedic Astrology Deep Dive w/ beloved Indian teachers
  • Pet Psychic Healer & Animal Communicator
  • Brown Belt in Shaolin Kung Fu 🙂 

Apart from my professional journey, I cherish moments of prayer, meditation, contemplating cosmic truths, yoga, exercise, Kung Fu, embracing nature, cooking, praying, traveling, and sharing laughter with my beloved husband, Daniel, our friends, and our five pets in our Austin home.

Thank you, Lauren. Really spoke to my heart.

As always, you're my favorite! Thank you for this.

Lauren gave me a prediction that was so precise and positive that I doubted it could ever come true, but it did!

Your messages are always so spot on. Love them so much! Thank you for these wonderful reminders.

Yay! Thank you for this, Lauren! What a generous gift you give to your community! I will keep this in mind!

What you channeled way back in August is beginning to manifest!

I read your predictions in each email you send out. Spot on for me yesterday. Sending you so much love!

I love you! What a great message! You've got a lifelong fangirl in me. And my cat was obsessed with my phone while you were speaking as well!

I always feel like you are speaking directly to me. Thank you!

I love this, so beautiful

I definitely heard that phrase a few times this week! Wow, you are good!

My partner and I listen to these together every weekend.

These continue to rock my world!!!! Big things happening!

Wow, these are right on top of me regarding what I need in this situation!!!

I always look forward to Fridays and these predictions! Love you!

As predicted by you, I officially received an offer for my dream

Here’s What’s Included:

  • Extended Weekly Predictions every Friday—You will not just hear about what will happen–you will gain insight into your next steps. 
  • Nurturing, Direct, Divine Guidance—to get you focused and ready for the week ahead
  • Clarity Teachings—to assist you in deepening your spiritual resolve and unlocking your unique path and direction
  • Community—Make friends with like-minded people in our exclusive community—when you want on time. 
  • Exclusive “Members Only” Perks Monthly—including a monthly live stream, community, special pricing, and more!
  • This is just the beginning!

BONUS- If you sign up in June 2024, you will receive a special gift bundle including the following:

  1. Personal Power Reconnection Technique– Do this process before you have an important conversation, take a risk, or do something that feels scary. This will reconnect you to your power and to Spirit. 
  2. Conflict Catalyst Process- This is a holistic process to approach conflict in a powerful, loving, and trusting way.
  3. Bitch Bless & Burn– One of my favorites! Do this to help you let go of unhealthy patterns, people, and situations, reclaim your power, and adopt a new perspective.
  4. Spiritual Manifestation “Mad-libs-” This fun and enlightening exercise will help you tune into your potential and your next steps! 

Only $22 a month  OR $111 for Six Months

If you sign up for six months, you will save $21 and receive a free Cosmic Clarity service, currently priced at $66, where Lauren gives you a psychic answer wth Divine Guidance to your most pressing question!

Next Steps

Lauren Kay Wyatt understands the importance of knowing what to expect!

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Enter the Clarity Portal

The Clarity Portal: Weekly Predictions 2.0 is a subscription service designed to help you navigate your life with love, trust, and confidence. 

Subscribe for $22 a month or $111 for six months.

Step 2

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Step 3

Relax & Receive

The Clarity Portal is your Sacred Space for Weekly Predictions, Spiritual Support & Divine Guidance to Navigate Your Life and Relationships with Love, Trust, & Confidence.

Lauren Kay WyattSpecial Note from Lauren

If you are reading this, know that you are seen, loved, and valued. You have everything it takes to create a beautiful life that you love. 

I hope to see you in the Clarity Portal!

With Love and Wisdom, Lauren

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