Lauren Kay Wyatt, Pet Psychic Healer

Pet Psychic Healer

Understand what your pet is thinking, why they are doing it, and what their Guardian Angels (aka their Fairies) want you to know.

Get a Pet Psychic Healing with Lauren Kay Wyatt, pet psychic and animal communicator, in a written report or in a live session.


Do you wonder why your pets do what they do?
Do you sense your cat is trying to tell you something?
Why is your dog barking all of the time?

Whether your cat is not using their litterbox, your multiple-pet household is having a hard time getting along, your pet isn’t feeling well, or you just have some questions and want to ensure you are giving them the best care possible—A pet psychic healing can help!

Lauren Kay Wyatt loves animals and uses her psychic skillset to connect with them and help them connect with you.

Pet Psychic Healer: Understand what your pet is thinking, why they are doing it, and what their Guardian Angels want you to know. 

Within a pet psychic healing, whether it is in a written account or in a live session, Lauren psychically connects with your pet and their Fairies to deliver healing and clear insight for you.

Things that you likely have not considered within a pet psychic healing will come to your attention.

You will understand what they need from you and what they want you to know about themselves and about their observations of you.

You will have a clear understanding of your pet.  People feeling great after receiving their pet’s healing and clear about their next steps.

From Lauren Kay Wyatt: “My love and respect for animals have always been a significant part of my life. In elementary school, I challenged the notion that animals were mere “things” when learning about nouns. I grew up visiting my grandparents in the countryside, surrounded by various animals. These early experiences cemented my deep connection to animals.”

Lauren is a psychic, spiritual advisor, pet psychic, and transformational coach. Lauren has worked directly with hundreds of clients since 2012, assisting them in a variety of life areas, with an emphasis being in self-actualization, love, healing, and relationships. In 2021, Lauren began to extend her clientele to include working with animals through her pet psychic healings™. 

Currently, Lauren is living in Austin, TX with her husband, Daniel and their five pets. When she is not working with clients, Lauren is writing her book about animal communication and pet psychic work, practicing Kung Fu, laughing with friends, and contemplating the mysteries of the Universe.


Since the healing, my dog has been digging in her bedding much less, she has returned to greet me at the door when I come home, and she's barking less. This is all so very impressive.

Thank you, Lauren! This makes sense. I feel like our dog has picked up on our stress! I hope she can relax and understand that we love her no matter what!

After reading my cat’s healing I had to laugh ... it seemed pretty spot on. I have always thought of him as "me" oriented ... everything is his and he is obsessed with things being his.

Wow!!! That all resonates really deeply and I see how my being here has been a huge connector with my brother and me to be more civil to one another and have better communication.

I highly recommend Lauren's pet psychic services! When I adopted a second cat, my senior resident cat was jealous, insecure, and unhappy. He would bully the new little girl any time my back was turned. I was desperate; neither cat was having a very good time! I decided to buy the senior cat a series of six sessions with Lauren to get him some support. Lauren was able to connect with his inner essence so we could better understand each other's needs and intentions. Slowly, I began to see progress! I decided to continue with monthly sessions, since both cats responded so well. Now they chase each other around in play, sleep with me on the bed at night and there is harmony in the house. Thank you, Lauren!

Pyschologist & Cat Mom

Since working with Lauren, Bailey has been happier and much more engaged with his pet siblings. He has also had visible changes in his temperament with us. It's been purely transformative since Lauren has been working with Bailey and adjusting his energy. He's back to being our happy pet again!

Project Manager and Dog Mom

Pet Psychic Healing Services: What’s Included

You have two options to receive your pet psychic healing.

  • One is via a written report- $99
  • The other is through a “live” session (60 minutes) on Zoom- $234

Each option includes energy healing for your pet and a detailed account of what is happening with your pet. The Zoom session is recorded for you.

*Many happy clients have shared that these pet psychic healings helped them as much as their pets! Many opt to get the “series of six” at a discounted price, but it’s best to start with one.

Next Steps

After you purchase your pet psychic healing, you will receive an email from Lauren with intake questions and further instructions.

If you ordered an email report pet psychic healing, Lauren will tell you which day your pet is on the healing schedule after she receives your intake questions.

If you ordered a “live” pet psychic healing, you will receve a link to Lauren’s schedule within that email.

Please check your spam and promotions folders from an email from lauren at lauren kay wyatt dot com.

*If your pet situation is more complicated and you would feel more comfortable connecting with Lauren before purchasing a pet psychic healing, you are welcome to submit an inquiry. Lauren will personally review your inquiry and get back to you with the best course of action. 

Gratitude and Terms

Thank you for being a treasured client. We look forward to serving you and your pet. Your choice to purchase this service is your consent to receive spiritual counseling, energy healing, and psychic awareness from Lauren Kay Wyatt/Love Renegades. This is not a substitute for medical, psychological, or legal care. All sales are final. We do not issue refunds.

Lauren Kay WyattSpecial Note from Lauren

If you are reading this, know that you are a wonderful person. I look forward to serving you on your soul journey. 

With Love and Wisdom, Lauren