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Hi Sweet One,

Do you ever wonder why things are not where you want them to be, why you continually experience similar themes in your life such as attracting the same kinds of people, the same types of conflicts— really: the same levels of bullshit and struggles in your life?

What if I told you that the reason is not what you think? That it is not your fault or anyone else’s?  What if I told you that it was because of  spiritual poverty, illusions, and mistaken thinking? 

Maybe right now you are thinking, “Wait a second? Spiritual poverty? Really? I’m not even religious, nor do I want to be!” Maybe you are thinking, “excuse me, ma’am but I am a VERY spiritual person.”  

Whatever it is, unconscious spiritual poverty—along with its besties, Illusion and mistaken thinking—are the root causes of a universal conflict that all of us share. They are the guiding forces of corruption, discord, self-betrayal, and disharmony—into your relationships, your personal well-being, and even your career, finances, and life’s purpose. 

Don’t believe me?  That’s fine. Take the Illusions of Relationship™ Quiz, where you will find out exactly how spiritual poverty is playing out in your life, your relationships, your true purpose, and everything you hold sacred. 

Be warned—the information you receive may trigger your Junior, my word for ego. You may not like what I have to share, but please know that this information is given to fully support in having an amazing life, relationships that you love, and in experiencing self-actualization. 

I am looking forward to serving you. 

With Love and Wisdom, Lauren

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Lauren has provided me with endless guidance over the years – I always ask for her intuitive insights before making big decisions. Between her psychic gifts and her knowledge of Human Design, she ALWAYS steers me in the right direction.  She is my GO TO ….I consult with her multiple times per month. 
She offers weekly predictions, which I LOVE!
I listen to it every single Friday morning as I am setting up for my busy weekend and it always helps me prepare mentally for the week ahead.  In addition to the readings I have had and the “cosmic clarity” sessions, Lauren has also cleared my home multiple times and regularly provides pet healings to my two cats.  I can’t recommend her highly enough.
Julieta Noli Benavides ~ Texas

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Lauren Kay Wyatt, Soul Party

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Are you seeking guidance? Do you want to navigate with love, trust, and confidence?  Lauren can support you with psychic direction and Divine Wisdom. Order your reading here.

Lauren Kay Wyatt

Cosmic Clarity

Do crave clarity? Ask Lauren Kay Wyatt, a question and receive a response filled with psychic direction, spiritual guidance, and Divine Wisdom. Get Cosmic Clarity today.

 Pet Psychic Healer

Do you ever wonder what your pet is thinking or why they do what they do? Do you want to understand them, comfort them, or communicate with them? Order your session. 

About Lauren Kay Wyatt

About Lauren Kay Wyatt

Lauren is a psychic, spiritual advisor, transformational coach, and pet psychic with over 10 years of professional experience. Lauren loves giving accurate readings and guiding her clients in navigating life’s challenges. Lauren supports her clients in making big decisions and trusting themselves in the process. 

Lauren values authentic self-trust and self-confidence. For her entire life, she was aware she was different. She perceived things differently from most people: knowing when things were going to happen, feeling other people’s and animals’ feelings, and even seeing auras, angels, and the deceased. For far too long, Lauren doubted her unique perception and wanted to keep it a secret. But in 2009, after her entire life fell apart, Lauren had a spiritual awakening and began accepting herself, her gifts, and her unique path. She began to trust herself and, in the process, has created vibrant health, a wonderful relationship, and a business she loves. 

Lauren attributes these accomplishments to choosing self-actualization and prioritizing her relationship with the Divine, both of which assist Lauren in being unapologetically herself. Since 2009, Lauren has studied and received certifications in various psychic healing modalities, including the Akashic Records via Soul Realignment, several certifications in Human Design, Reiki, and various forms of divination and energy healing.

Clients have reported breakthroughs in their relationships and confidence levels, as well as Lauren’s accuracy as a psychic. In addition to working with people, Lauren loves working with animals as a pet psychic healer. Her approach to animal communication is unique and spirit-driven and provides vast support not only to the animals, but to their humans as well.

Lauren lives in Austin, TX, with her husband, Daniel, and their five pets. When Lauren is not serving clients, she loves studying, cooking, practicing Kung Fu, praying, contemplating the world’s mysteries, and laughing with friends and loved ones.