Psychic Boutique

Personal Navigation Reading

Give yourself the gift of depth and clarity. In this 75-minute session, you will receive aligned guidance to navigate your life, relationships, and circumstances with love, trust, and confidence. Includes divination, and may include mediumship, energy healing, and clearing.

This session is $277, and delivered over Zoom.

Transformational Wholeness Package

Go deep, and liberate yourself with this two-session package, which includes a Soul Reading, past life healing, relationship karma clearing, and specific guidance on reclaiming your life, enjoying your relationships, and attracting new levels of love, abundance and joy, as you enhance your soul power.

This service is $597, and delivered over Zoom.

Soul Adventure Program  

Ready to live your life as your most authentic self? Do you desire a trusted guide with real world experience and integrity? Lauren’s psychic coaching is individually tailored to to help you accomplish your goals via your personal soul adventure. 

Book a Sacred Inquiry, a free intuitive coaching consultation. 

Pet Psychic Healing

Each of our pets was contracted to be with us in this life. This deeply compassionate service bridges the communication gap between you and your pet. You will truly know your pet’s perspective and reach a new level of understanding. This service starts at $85. Book your free phone consultation today.

Mediumship Session

Heal yourself by connecting with your deceased loved ones. From a satisfied client: “My mediumship session was surprisingly nothing like I thought it would be. We laughed hysterically, joked; I asked hard questions and got raw; honest answers. I was able to forgive my Mom and experience peace and joy. ” This session is 45-minutes and $147.

Psychic Healing 

This mystical service includes a psychic healing and messages from your higher self, your spirit guides, and the Divine. This service includes Reiki and an in-depth channeled “healing report” delivered via email. 

This is a remote service,  meaning that there is not a live session. It is $211.

Cosmic Quickness Reading

There are times in our lives when we have a question or want to run our current situation by a trusted person. In times like this, you can receive an email reading from Lauren that directly answers your inquiry, which can be about your relationships, spiritual journey, career, etc–as well as your pets. This is not a “live session.” Each question/situation is $44.

Space Clearing 

Houses need healing too.  If you sense there is “funky energy” your home, office, or hotel room, this service will clear the energetic air and give you a very clear idea about where the energetic disruption is coming from. This is a long-distance service that comes with a detailed healing report about specific findings in the space.  This is not a “live session.” This service is $97. 

Relationship Karma Reading & Clearing

This two-session package is specifically geared toward love, relationships, karma clearing, and the new choices needed to self-actualize and enjoy your relationships. You do not need to be in an active relationship to benefit from this session, nor does your partner need to be present. This service is delivered over Zoom and $597. 

“I have been working with Lauren on an “as needed” basis for over 7 years now. She has consistently met me with her natural-born psychic skills as well as an ever-growing tool bag of enlightening modalities that are always mind-blowing, honest, compassionate, and EXACTLY  what I needed. She’s fully present in her commitment to help me understand myself and how life is arranging itself around me, and she’s always been available to help me more when I just wasn’t getting it. Lauren brings insight and depth in her own valuable way and I am so grateful to be on the receiving end. I so look forward to working with her life-long as she continues to build and deepen her superpowers.


Artist & Business Owner

Next Steps & Other Information

Please know that all of our services are delivered in good faith.  Due to the nature of our services, all sales are final and refunds are not offered. These services are not a substitute for medical treatment.

If you have any questions about our services or if your schedule requires a different time from what is offered, please email us at lauren at lauren kay wyatt dot com.

If you purchased a psychic healing or pet psychic healing, Lauren will be in contact with you within two days maximum. She will email you at the email address connected with your PayPal account to obtain the information needed to complete the purchased service.