Most of us hold ourselves back in the following ways:

Money- We say no because of money. We say we do not have enough money to do what we want. Next time you claim money as the reason that you cannot do something, substitute the word power. Do you not have money to do the thing you want to do or do you not have enough power to do the thing you want to do?  Is the money a way to say no without getting into the “real” reasons why or is it valid?  

Time- We say no because of time. We have chosen to spend our time doing other things. This is valid, but are the ways in which you spend your time justifying your fears and keeping you with the same ol’, same ol’, or are they getting you to where you want to go? Does the way you spend your time drain you or restore you?

Change- Most of us fear change because we are comfortable with how things are—even if we do not like it. Your Junior (my word for ego, shadow, etc.) will do whatever it takes to keep things predictable. This is “safety” for Junior. If you hold yourself back because you fear the unknown, remember that according to Universal Law, anything new is created in the “unknown” first. If it has not happened within your personal experience, it’s unknown.

Failure– Most of us do not want to change unless we are guaranteed that we will get everything we want or at the very least a “good outcome.” Well, the most genuine failure is the choice never even to give yourself the opportunity to fail.

I get that it’s scary to talk about these things, but it’s a part of Living Beyond Illusion—which, as we discussed on Monday, is so much more than a group coaching program. It’s an entire lifestyle and way of being!  Click here to read “Here’s what happens when you live beyond illusion.”

When I work with clients within a coaching environment, I am supportive and patient in helping everyone see through their illusions, fears, and perceived limitations. I have witnessed amazing transformations within my client, and I would love for you to give yourself this opportunity. 

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