[Lunar Eclipse Story] Power of Release

You may have heard that we are in the midst of a lunar eclipse. This means you may have noticed the presence of relationship drama and emotional conflict—whether in your life or those close to you!

Even though this is pretty uncomfortable, celebrate that you are becoming increasingly aware of what is no longer working within yourself, your life, and within your relationships. You feel the pull to redefine yourself and choose who you want to be.

If you feel like things are messy right know, remember that each of us is an expression of the Divine. As Divine beings, we are offered the opportunity for transformation, and transformation makes a Divine Mess (ahem, masterpiece) of all of us! 

The Illusion of Drama is the archetype of change. Change can feel chaotic and dramatic, but know that if you are on a path of transformation and growth, you cannot avoid it! It’s inevitable, but how you choose to respond to change determines whether or not the Illusion of Drama holds you back. When we resist change, we make things much more difficult!

When we are on a path of transformation, we usually feel the urge to succumb to Junior (my word for ego) and doubt ourselves. We can “feel bad” for making tough decisions and beat ourselves up for things not going smoothly. 

This lunar eclipse urges us to free ourselves from the drama by letting go, moving on, and trusting. 

I’ll give an example by sharing a story of my own…

In 2018, I made an unpopular and powerful decision: I stopped talking to my mother. This was an extremely difficult choice, but I knew deep within the core of my being that it had to be done.

Over the years, I would receive feedback that I was cruel to do such a thing—that my choice was causing others—not just my mother—to suffer. I was told that I lacked compassion. Some said, “How can you call yourself a relationship expert and not have a good relationship with your mother?”  

[Of course, my Junior totally brought these things to my attention as well—which is why I attracted this feedback from others! Oh, Junior!]

To break through the Illusion of Drama, I would remind myself that I am NOT an “ordinary relationship expert;” I am a Love Renegade. Being a doormat and allowing someone to treat me poorly is way more “out of integrity” than having an inauthentic shell of a relationship that “society” would approve of! 

As I look back at what happened, I see that my choice allowed me to practice radical self-trust and self-compassion. I advocated for myself and chose to trust that what I was doing was a love-based choice that would assist all involved. Instead of trying to fit into some illusion of a social norm that suffocates and confines us all, I rebelled—trusting that my choice would assist all of us in having healthier, more authentically satisfying relationships!

During the time apart, I healed my heart, reclaimed my power through loving myself through all the messy emotions, deepened my relationship with the Divine, and even explored—on a highly practical level—what it meant to forgive, heal, and move forward. 

Fast-forward—my mom and I have reconnected and are on excellent terms. Our relationship is supportive, honest, and authentic. We each took responsibility for the fallout and have returned better than ever. 

Healing is the highest form of rebellion! I share this to inspire you to trust yourself and your messy process! 

Trust that if you want to tap into your highest potential, have amazing relationships, and achieve great things—you may need to let something or someone go—whether it’s a person, a relationship dynamic, or a “bad habit.” It can mean choosing to see through illusion and endure the discomfort of making positive choices.

Likewise, if you are on the receiving end of a conflict—for instance, if you are the person who is broken up with or left behind—choose to accept that even though this is emotionally painful, not having that person in your life or having that boundary in place serves you, too. Let this propel you to new heights of healing, wholeness, and empowerment. Trust that if you are meant to reconnect, you will. Know that it could be better than it was before! 

For either side and no side at all, trust the process and love yourself. Navigate with love, trust, and confidence by embracing change and choosing to grow!

Worst Choice Ever!

Last week, I shared with you a choice I made that most “normal” people would likely regret. It involved a genuine narcissist, a lot of money, and abuse—psychological, emotional, and spiritual abuse!

However, as someone who experiences life deeply, I have come to accept that I may have created an intense experience to show me what’s important and real. 

Even though it totally sucked—and of course, I had days where my Junior (our word for ego) was beating me up over the WORST, MOST EMBARRASSING CHOICE I had ever made in my life—even though all of this was true, this “terrible experience” gifted me with the following:

  • Deeper connection with the Divine, myself, and my husband.
  • Empowered me to view life’s challenges through a spiritual lens—definitely not through a religious lens or some outdated corporate “hustle culture” business perspective! 
  • Profound acknowledgment of my power and purpose.
  • Heightened my bullshit detector and upped my spidey senses.
  • Led me to navigate with trust, love, and confidence and successfully rebuild!
  • Rise above negative cultural conditioning.

This begs the question: Can it really be the WORST CHOICE IN THE WORLD if it leads to such good things?

This entire situation shows how I reclaimed my power and broke free from Illusion—especially that damn Illusion of Drama!!

What if your “shitty situation” has the potential to be a powerful catalyst for you?  

What if your stagnation is calling you into a higher level of potential?  

What if it’s time for you to break free of illusion and claim your power? 

What would your life and relationships be like if you released all the bullshit and aligned yourself with the Divine?

I choose to live fully and do my best to go beyond illusion and support others in their individual process! My spiritual group coaching program Living Beyond Illusion meets next week on Tuesday, Mar 26, 2024 at 12 PM PST/ 2 PM CST/ 3 PM EST.

Whether you are ready for your next breakthrough or want support on how to focus your energy to allow in all the blessings that the Universe wants to give you, I suggest you do yourself a favor and say yes! ✊‍♂️

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Now imagine…What would it feel like to say yes to what you want and trust that you will receive all the support you need along the way?

Now, enjoy that feeling!

Healing is the Highest Form of Rebellion!

I have a story for you!  Usually, when I reach out to you, it’s to offer you wisdom and insight on your journey. Being a spiritual being in this 3D physical world isn’t always easy, and if you’re anything like me, feeling Divinely Supported is invaluable!

Each Friday, I send out my Weekly Predictions, channeling the energies of the week ahead to assist you in navigating with love, trust, and confidence. 

In February, I did this through my Healing from Illusion 4-Day Masterclass, where I shed light on the Illusions of Relationship™, how they impact you daily, and what you can do to heal and break free. 

I do this with my Quiz about the Illusions of Relationship™ to enlighten you about how you disempower yourself and unknowingly sabotage your relationships and personal well-being.

If you are on my secret list, the Psychic Minute, you know that every day, I send a quick, short channeled message to assist you in your day.

Have you ever wondered why my work focuses on using psychic and spiritual energies to empower self-trust, healing, and self-confidence?

I share this because my life has been a series of events where, each time, I am reminded of how profoundly important it is to listen to your inner wisdom and live an authentic spiritual life. Doing so frees you from the false perception that life happens to you, otherwise known as the victim mindset.

There are so many stories I could tell you about my own experience of having an empowered mind versus a victim mindset—as well as what I have seen with my client. Still, I will focus on a relatively recent one that is entirely my story.

It began in 2020 when we were all experiencing intense personal growth and a collective transformational experience. I made one of the worst decisions of my life, and the fallout from this decision was astronomical. It was probably the most embarrassing story about overriding my own intuition as a psychic, and it included one of the worst financial decisions I have ever made.

I let someone into my life who was a full-blown narcissist. I allowed myself to be manipulated by this person into investing a considerable amount of money with them, only to be emotionally and spiritually abused and humiliated during nearly every encounter with them!

Even if I was temporarily financially broke, this person DID NOT break my spirit. When I also saw this person was trying to start a cult, I high-tailed it out of there and cut them loose!

At that moment, I was challenged to follow my advice in knowing in my bones that healing was the highest form of rebellion, but at the same time, feeling stupid and victimized. I could not believe what I did!

I was under the illusion that I had to take her advice, which was incredibly inauthentic and unaligned. For a brief period of time, I did something that I promised myself I would never do: I tried to sell out!

I say I tried to sell out because it did not work!! Along with my Higher Self, the Universe, and the Divine Spirit, I was protected from having any kind of success by selling out; as a result, I vowed never to act on fear and self-doubt again, allowed myself to follow my strong intuition, and completely removed myself from this person and her “spiritual” coaching community!

This was a harrowing lesson for me. As I sat with my Junior, my word for ego, I had some tough conversations with myself about how I bought into illusion and allowed myself to be victimized, bamboozled, and disempowered.  I felt stupid and broken—not to mention I was in a lot of debt—but at the same time, I knew that I had no choice. I had to surrender to the Divine and rebuild my life completely.

As I contemplated my life, I discovered new levels of empathy and compassion. Thankfully, my relationship with my husband, Daniel, is one of my most sacred things. We are both on a path of growth, love one another, and see each other fully and completely.

I have never really been a doormat or ever allowed someone to take advantage of me or hurt me, so this experience with an emotionally abusive narcissist completely disoriented me and threw me for a loop. 

It was pretty traumatic, and I had to use all of my tools to heal and rebuild. In my contemplation, I felt that my soul chose this for me to get first-hand experience of what it was like to be manipulated, bypass my inner knowing, and archetypically speaking, what it was like to be under a person’s spell. Beyond this, it helped me really get in touch with making wise choices without the influence of other people or current events and circumstances! I want everyone to experience such a high level of self-trust and affirmation! 

A blessing of this experience has empowered me to assist my clients in their healing adventure of trusting themselves and breaking free of unhealthy situations and relationships. More than that, I am able to assist my clients with genuine authority in rising above feeling victimized, how to transform challenges into blessings, and how to move beyond illusion and chaos. And even more than that, I help my clients be their most authentic selves and create an empowered mindset and life where they are happier and feel more at ease–regardless of what’s happening in their lives!

I also got to look at myself and how I had temporarily lost myself. Hiring this person helped me grow in massive ways that would benefit everyone involved! It was just not in the way that I originally wanted!  I endured the ultimate “contrast experience” to help me reconnect with my soul, the Divine, and NEW LEVELS of authenticity, self-empowerment, and self-trust. I really feel that I chose this to put all my tools to the test and to prevail.

Healing is the highest form of rebellion!

One thing that has continued to bless me again and again is that I always follow my intuition and will be relentless true to myself and inner knowing—even without proof and even when others disagree with me or want me to make another choice! This has been a huge blessing since I can feel other people and it can feel uncomfortable to follow my intuition when they have their own agenda with me. 

Continuing to deepen my knowledge of illusions, which I received in a spiritual download years ago, and how our Junior influences us and our decisions  continues to bless, deepen, and expand my sacred work with clients! I use my gifts, my skillset, and my embodied experience to help clients empower and trust themselves and to RISE ABOVE THE DRAMA AND STRUGGLE!

This situation helped me remember that healing is the highest form of rebellion.  Here’s what I mean: If you are going through a night or a painful and intense situation, the best thing you can do is heal and work on yourself. Every crisis in our lives allows us to align more with the Divine and free ourselves from illusion! If you are in a victim mindset or you feel victimized, you owe it to yourself to heal, expand, and reinvent!

Doing so helped me completely free myself from debt, deepen my spiritual and psychic skill set, and transform my health, as I am entirely asthma-free now, and have an empowered, resilient and strong mind! The bottom line is that I reclaimed my power. I have helped my clients do that, and want the same for you in your next chapter!

I have chosen to keep enrollment open for Living Beyond Illusion until the end of the month. We had our first kick-off call in our small yet mighty group, and it was SO powerful! If you feel pulled to being with us and meeting your authentic, most loving badass, Love Renegade version of yourself, let’s talk!  I have consultations available; you can also email me for more information. 

In this six-month program, participants will move through all illusions and step into new levels of emotional and spiritual freedom, wholeness, authenticity, and expansion. It’s six payments of $350 a month or one payment of $2000. Check it out here: https://laurenkaywyatt.com/living-beyond-illusion/

Sending you all blessings of love, joy, and expansion!!

Remember, healing is your highest form of rebellion! What could this year be for you with an authentically empowered mindset? Let’s chat!

What’s holding you back?

Most of us hold ourselves back in the following ways:

Money- We say no because of money. We say we do not have enough money to do what we want. Next time you claim money as the reason that you cannot do something, substitute the word power. Do you not have money to do the thing you want to do or do you not have enough power to do the thing you want to do?  Is the money a way to say no without getting into the “real” reasons why or is it valid?  

Time- We say no because of time. We have chosen to spend our time doing other things. This is valid, but are the ways in which you spend your time justifying your fears and keeping you with the same ol’, same ol’, or are they getting you to where you want to go? Does the way you spend your time drain you or restore you?

Change- Most of us fear change because we are comfortable with how things are—even if we do not like it. Your Junior (my word for ego, shadow, etc.) will do whatever it takes to keep things predictable. This is “safety” for Junior. If you hold yourself back because you fear the unknown, remember that according to Universal Law, anything new is created in the “unknown” first. If it has not happened within your personal experience, it’s unknown.

Failure– Most of us do not want to change unless we are guaranteed that we will get everything we want or at the very least a “good outcome.” Well, the most genuine failure is the choice never even to give yourself the opportunity to fail.

I get that it’s scary to talk about these things, but it’s a part of Living Beyond Illusion—which, as we discussed on Monday, is so much more than a group coaching program. It’s an entire lifestyle and way of being!  Click here to read “Here’s what happens when you live beyond illusion.”

When I work with clients within a coaching environment, I am supportive and patient in helping everyone see through their illusions, fears, and perceived limitations. I have witnessed amazing transformations within my client, and I would love for you to give yourself this opportunity. 

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Here’s what happens when you live beyond illusion

What happens when you Live Beyond Illusion?

  1. You become more aligned to your Divine Self-Expression—meaning that you’re as authentic as ever and aware of your gifts, value, and unique contribution.
  2. Your relationships become increasingly fulfilling and satisfying. Because you know your value, you aren’t trying to prove yourself or unconsciously manipulate.
  3. Abundance becomes fun and easy—as it was always intended—instead of buying into the illusion of hard work and questioning your value. 
  4. You unplug from what everyone else is doing and see the light-filled opportunity in every challenge, obstacle, and situation. 
  5. You step into having an empowered mind and break free of mistaken thinking. This allows for new levels of creativity and perception—setting you apart from “the norm.”
  6. Your intuition grows, and you step into new levels of self-trust and self-confidence—knowing that you are a reflection of Divine Intelligence.
  7. You become more of a Divine Rebel, a Love Renegade. You release the need to live in fear.


Living Beyond Illusion is more than just my brand-new six-month group program—it’s an entire way of being! Get all the details here. 


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