Hi, and welcome to Wisdom Wednesday. I’m Lauren Kay Wyatt, your psychic, spiritual advisor, pet psychic, and transformational coach. I’m here to connect with you on Wisdom Wednesday, which is the spiritual coaching companion to our Weekly Predictions.

If you don’t already know, every Friday in the United States morning, I send out weekly psychic predictions to my mailing list for free. This is a tool that supports you in navigating with trust, love, and confidence. I’ve been guided to do these Wisdom Wednesdays to further assist you in having a great life.

So, this Wisdom Wednesday talks to us about what taking a leap of faith means. Now, in the Weekly Predictions, I sent out questions that are really good coaching questions. 

One of [the questions] was, “What would you do if you had 100% certainty that everything would be okay?” The other side of [this question] is, “What would you stop doing if you knew that everything would be great?”

Your answers to [these questions] inform you of where the energy wants to go within you. Now, if one of your answers is, “Oh, I would just like to quit my job and cross my fingers and hope that I win the lottery, um, that’s taking a leap of faith.” Okay, that’s not what we’re talking about. 

Yes, it can be really, really good to acknowledge that because it can shed light into that maybe your job isn’t aligned for you anymore, but just stopping your job and, you know, hoping that you win the lottery, that everything works out great, that other people support you—that is not going to create the results that you want. 

So as for how we can really apply this concept of taking a leap—what it might mean in this context of [the example of] not having the job that you have any more would be to maybe start looking into other forms of work that feel good to you; work where you feel appreciated. 

Also, listing out the qualities of what it is that you are looking for and feeling into what that authentic vision is for your life—and it also it doesn’t have to be extravagant. 

You may just want some more rest and relaxation, and if that’s the case, I would say what’s stopping you from giving that to yourself right now? What belief here tells you that you’re not deserving of more rest or relaxation? 

You may want to start your own business—that’s amazing! Many of us know so much goes into having your own business. So start talking to other people who have their own businesses, start exploring these different options, start taking the leap of faith by letting yourself really feel what it is that you want, and acknowledge yourself! 

What is it that you want? Maybe it’s that you don’t want to be in a relationship or a certain relationship anymore. There may be a dynamic that you’ve tolerated for too long such as certain people calling you to complain. This example of complaining people came up in our last Wisdom Wednesday!

But anyway, this is your opportunity to set the boundary and get clear on what you want. Sometimes when we’ve really built that foundation—so with the example of your business like let’s say it is time to quit that job that you don’t like anymore; you already have some opportunities and clients lined up so it might be a good time to take that leap of faith. 

You may be wondering, “How do I know for sure?” The thing is to really embrace that maybe certainty is its own type of Illusion. The only thing certain is really it’s uncertainty, isn’t it?

This can feel really scary, but let that feel expansive, and you’ll see that so much is possible for you. If you’re brave enough to want something, it’s in your energy field, and you will get certain signs about how to allow that to unfold in your life. 

There are different ways that this works. One way that has really assisted me in making decisions—and it’s helped my clients a lot, too—is this tool that I use (one of the many tools that I use) with my clients called Human Design.

Human design is amazing for decision making. It lets us know how we’re wired and how it’s best for us to take that leap of faith.

So let me know if you, what you know about Human Design. If that’s interesting to you I do offer these as readings. I don’t teach it. I highly recommend my friend and human design teacher’s book. I’ll have this in the comments as well or in the description of the email as well.

But back to taking a leap of faith—having full trust that everything will be okay. So, know this: if you do not like your current job right now, there is something better for you. You first need to be brave enough to admit that you would like something else and to connect with yourself about what that might be. Then after that, you really need to allow it to unfold within your life, because we talked about detachment in the Wisdom Wednesday before.

So what we don’t want to do is totally attach to like “Oh my dream job has to look like this.” Sometimes, I talk to different people telling me about their dream relationship, and they list all these things or [say things like] he checks all the boxes, but it’s like,  “well maybe go outside the boxes?” 

Because when we are too specific—and it’s not so much even about being—it’s this whole energy of being like overly attached to how something shows up—we can miss the little signs that the Universe is giving us and sometimes we can push really really hard when there’s actually something better for us.

So, when you take a leap of faith—really take a leap of faith—be honest with yourself, see what’s in your environment, and stay detached—no micromanaging the Universe. Let it unfold, but also be true to your own unique wiring and be able and willing to find out what that is.

So thank you so much for spending time with me today. I’m Lauren Kay Wyatt, your psychic, spiritual advisor, pet psychic, and transformational coach. 

I’ll be in touch next week with another Wisdom Wednesday. If you’re on my mailing list—which please sign up if you’re not—you’ll receive your Weekly Predictions on Friday in the United States morning. 

So, thank you so much, and we will talk soon.

Wisdom Wednesday is the “spiritual coaching companion” of the Weekly Predictions.
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