Hello and welcome to Wisdom Wednesday. I’m Lauren Kay Wyatt, your psychic spiritual advisor, pet psychic, and transformational coach. On this Wisdom Wednesday—which, by the way, Wisdom Wednesdays are the spiritual companion to my Weekly Predictions—which, if you don’t know already: every Friday, I send my community free weekly psychic predictions to assist you in navigating with trust, love, and confidence. So if you’re not on my list, please sign up. All of that information is in the description of this video.

Okay, so this Wisdom Wednesday has to do with an aspect of what happens when we’re dealing with intensity. So you know, sometimes things happen that are really intense? This can be world events, it can be different ebbs and flows, deaths and rebirths that we have within our own lives—being a human is not always the easiest thing. I hope that these videos and the Weekly Predictions that I send out—really I hope all of, really help it to be a more uplifting and even satisfying, peaceful, sometimes even awesome experience.

But, whatever it is during intense times, it is so important that no matter what is happening, you can remind yourself that this is just a moment. Not long ago all of us collectively went through a huge change globally, and collectively that happened in 2020. It brought up so much for all of us and definitely for all of us globally and collectively as well when times of intensity happen, it’s always important to acknowledge, yes, you know this is just a moment. Life ebbs and life flows. Sometimes things really are out of our control or seem out of our control, and the best thing we can do is be aware of how we’re responding. If we’re in a place of doom and gloom, need to be where we are and acknowledge how we feel. It’s a part of the whole process—that’s okay. It’s just not a place where you need to live—you don’t want to stay in Doom and Gloom because it’s really hard to create from there.  

What I mean by “create” is, as a human being, you are a spiritual being having this physical experience. Being a human is highly creative. We have this life force energy here on this planet that, hey, we can do all sorts of things with, we can build beautiful places, we can make amazing families, our own businesses, art—it just goes on and on.

So when you’re in a place of doom and gloom, and if you live there and stay there, it can be hard to create—from that loving place to a place that brings you to new heights. Now, when we’re in times that are really painful and really intense—we can also use that resistance and that intensity to create something new through an uplevel—this is what a spiritual catalyst does!

So if you’re in a moment right now where you’re just going through it—maybe you’re feeling the doom and gloom, maybe you feel a little numb—like you don’t know how to respond, maybe lots of emotions are bubbling up—whatever it is—always, we want to sit with ourselves, love ourselves, be where we are, but also remember where you are going.

Wherever you are going, your vision may look different from my vision, but it’s my hope that it’s all from this creative energy, and it’s all love based. Even if something doesn’t feel loving or great in the moment, it’s not yet processed. It’s still unfolding, and it’s up to you to trust that even if something doesn’t make sense now—even if things are painful now [that] because you are love and because what you ultimately want to experience is love—and again: I don’t just mean romantic love—that’s a beautiful wonderful thing or feeling loved and appreciated by others—these are beautiful and wonderful things as well, and this is a part of it but it’s also the adventure that you want for your precious human life and it all comes down to love.

So, know that if it’s not happening now, you’re in the middle of it. There’s a Spiritual Catalyst, a fork in the road, that is going to propel you to your next level, so surrender.

Sometimes, we need to wait for Clarity on what’s next, but whatever it is, I want you to know that you are loved and that everything is going to be okay—even if it doesn’t feel like that in the moment.

So thank you for spending time with me. I’m Lauren Kay Wyatt, your psychic, spiritual advisor, pet psychic, and transformational coach. I’ll be in touch with you next week with another Wisdom Wednesday. If you’re on my mailing list, I will be in your inbox on Friday with some weekly psychic predictions to assist you in navigating with trust, love, and confidence. Please know that I love you. Thank you.

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