To assist us in navigating with trust, love, and confidence, the message that comes through today is to trust. Yes, we are in a new time. Yes, things are changing. Yes, there is so much uncertainty right now. We’ve been taught to fear uncertainty–when there is excitement around this uncertainty.

Yes, excitement, anxiety, and fear—all of those emotions and feelings can blend together, but the exciting thing about uncertainty is the creative adventure that comes with it! So yes, things are changing. Yes, a new door is opening. Yes, you have free will, and yes, things are happening that are outside of your control!

Something that came into my own awareness not long ago was, “What if Destiny was something that our higher self chose for us?” This Rings true for me, so I want you to know that with [regards to] this uncertainty that is happening—your higher self chose for you to be born into this life for a reason, during this time for a reason—all to experience itself!

With these changes happening and for so many of us we may feel like, “Oh this has been pressed upon me. I can’t. What do I do?”

There can be a fear about how to be in this uncertainty and this new reality, and we can want to cling to the past, but what you’re guided to do is to TRUST. Trust that you are here for a reason, that your entire being and your energy matters, and your gifts are important! 

Please accept this truth and to know that it’s okay to be scared and feel worried. We ask you to gently shift your focus toward the future, this new beginning, what is coming, and what is. 

Focus on this new level of Love, this new level of abundance, this new level of clarity, and Consciousness—trust that your soul is allowing you to choose!

So thank you for tuning in for this Wisdom Wednesday. I am Lauren Kay Wyatt, your psychic, your spiritual advisor, your pet psychic, and your transformational coach and guide for this epic adventure that we call Life.

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