Have you ever had one of those moments where you made a big choice?

This is the type of choice where you can seriously feel your heart thudding against your chest.

This is what courage feels like.

When was the last time you were courageous? Was it standing up to someone? Was it making a bold move? Was it giving yourself something that you really, really desired?
There are three distinctly courageous choices that have shaped my life to be what it is today. Here they are in no particular order:

  • Coming out of the psychic/healer closet
  • One was committing to and marrying my husband, Daniel
  • Becoming vegan

I even made a video where I go into a little more detail on how these choices altered the course of my life.


When you make a choice that is authentic to your heart’s desire and to your soul’s truth:

  • You become more and more irresistible.
  • You allow a part of you to become unearthed and align more and more fully to who you really are and what you desire.
  • You stop caring about what other people think.
  • You start aligning more and more to love.

To courageously follow your heart is an act of love.

Courage leads to love. Love creates love. Love is irresistible.

Sending a hug and blessings of courage!