What’s holding you back?

Most of us hold ourselves back in the following ways:

Money- We say no because of money. We say we do not have enough money to do what we want. Next time you claim money as the reason that you cannot do something, substitute the word power. Do you not have money to do the thing you want to do or do you not have enough power to do the thing you want to do?  Is the money a way to say no without getting into the “real” reasons why or is it valid?  

Time- We say no because of time. We have chosen to spend our time doing other things. This is valid, but are the ways in which you spend your time justifying your fears and keeping you with the same ol’, same ol’, or are they getting you to where you want to go? Does the way you spend your time drain you or restore you?

Change- Most of us fear change because we are comfortable with how things are—even if we do not like it. Your Junior (my word for ego, shadow, etc.) will do whatever it takes to keep things predictable. This is “safety” for Junior. If you hold yourself back because you fear the unknown, remember that according to Universal Law, anything new is created in the “unknown” first. If it has not happened within your personal experience, it’s unknown.

Failure– Most of us do not want to change unless we are guaranteed that we will get everything we want or at the very least a “good outcome.” Well, the most genuine failure is the choice never even to give yourself the opportunity to fail.

I get that it’s scary to talk about these things, but it’s a part of Living Beyond Illusion—which, as we discussed on Monday, is so much more than a group coaching program. It’s an entire lifestyle and way of being!  Click here to read “Here’s what happens when you live beyond illusion.”

When I work with clients within a coaching environment, I am supportive and patient in helping everyone see through their illusions, fears, and perceived limitations. I have witnessed amazing transformations within my client, and I would love for you to give yourself this opportunity. 

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Here’s what happens when you live beyond illusion

What happens when you Live Beyond Illusion?

  1. You become more aligned to your Divine Self-Expression—meaning that you’re as authentic as ever and aware of your gifts, value, and unique contribution.
  2. Your relationships become increasingly fulfilling and satisfying. Because you know your value, you aren’t trying to prove yourself or unconsciously manipulate.
  3. Abundance becomes fun and easy—as it was always intended—instead of buying into the illusion of hard work and questioning your value. 
  4. You unplug from what everyone else is doing and see the light-filled opportunity in every challenge, obstacle, and situation. 
  5. You step into having an empowered mind and break free of mistaken thinking. This allows for new levels of creativity and perception—setting you apart from “the norm.”
  6. Your intuition grows, and you step into new levels of self-trust and self-confidence—knowing that you are a reflection of Divine Intelligence.
  7. You become more of a Divine Rebel, a Love Renegade. You release the need to live in fear.


Living Beyond Illusion is more than just my brand-new six-month group program—it’s an entire way of being! Get all the details here. 


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We are Complete

We are Complete

Do you judge others for not giving you the support (ahem, validation) that you would like?  Does a part of you feel that you *need* support from others to be the person you desire to be?

I ask these questions to shed light on Mistaken Thinking where love and support are confused with entitlement and validation.  See, it is normal to seek safety and comfort when you are making changes and making new choices.

What we forget in this process is the Illusion of Drama, the Illusion of Relationship™ that separates us from Love by insisting that drama come with the natural chaos of change.   

When we make changes our environment will react.  By environment I am largely referring to our relationships.  The other person (let’s say your partner, your husband, your adult child, your best friend, etc)  may not be in “like vibration” to the changes you are making and may react as such.  In this instance, it is important that you acknowledge that like you, this person has free will.

Just as you are free to make changes, others are free to react to those changes.  If any part of you is seeking validation and approval and even feels entitled to receiving this so-called unconditional support, all you are really doing is activating the Illusion of Drama by causing yourself unnecessary drama, pain, and agony. 

I bring this up to invite you to acknowledge your own actions, your own intentions, and your own process of initiating change. For example, have you entered into change with a variation of either of the following?  (I have done both!) 

Example A–  You bulldoze forward with an attitude of, “I don’t care what others think! They will have to deal with it!”
Example B– You take action, but you do it in a covert way. It’s like you are living a double life.

Each of the aforementioned situations will inevitably lead to fear because they were initiated with fear.  Not only do both of these actions invite drama, as they amplify the Illusion of Drama, but they also make assumptions, which is a hallmark of the Illusion of Absorption. 

As you grow, it is wise to accept that much like your inner world and our beautiful oceans, your relationships will ebb and flow.  You may find that some of these relationships fall away.  This can be both a time of grief and a time of celebration.

Whether your heart is hurting from a breakup or a series of misunderstandings, choose to know that healing and peace are on the way.  What would happen if you stepped out of a victim mentality and into your own authority?  What would you do differently with all that you learned?  What has the other person taught you about yourself? 

Bless the gifts of these experiences and move on.

We are complete. We are whole. All is well.

Exploring the Need to Suffer with Coaching Questions

One form of mistaken thinking is believing that life has to be hard and that relationships take a lot of work.  Many people believe that we have to suffer in order to grow and that anything worth having requires a lot of work. While there is a little bit of truth to this, this is another form of mistaken thinking.  Suffering and growth do not have to co-exist.  -Lauren Kay Wyatt, CEO of Love Renegades

To go deeper with this, I have some questions for you!

Do you believe that life has to be hard and that relationships take a lot of hard work?  On a scale of 1-10, how energizing are your life and relationships? Do you feel more enlivened or more tied down by your relationships and circumstances?

If you are not energized by your life and relationships, you most likely—at least on some level—believe that life has to be hard and that you have to suffer to receive “anything good.”

What would change in your life and relationships if you did not have to suffer? How would you be different from who you are now?