Imagine this…

You have been dating someone for awhile. This person is super into you. It may even feel like they like you a little more than you like them. They start using words like “forever” and “always” with you.

It’s romantic and it’s sweet, but maybe it makes your stomach turn, just a little.

Or maybe—-on the other side of things—-you are so super, head over heels—- in lust or love with somebody. You feel like this person completely understands you. You feel like you two are meant to be. You want FOREVER with this person.

Does either one sound familiar to you?

Like most people, I too have fallen into the myth of forever and I gotta tell ya…Despite its romantic and whimsical nature, “forever” is a slippery slope.

I created a video just for you where I shed light on this love myth.

Watch my perspective on “the myth of forever” here.


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