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I am Lauren Kay Wyatt. I am the creator of Love Renegades.  I am so excited to connect with you today! Today, I want to shed light on the Illusions of Relationship™ so that you can have MORE LOVE—on your terms—so that you can—enjoy your relationships—your romantic relationships, the relationship you have with yourself, with the Divine, with the people in your life, and how you relate to the different challenges and themes that life can kind of throw at you.

So the six Illusions of Relationship™ are all patterns of illusion that separate you from Love. Each of the Illusions of Relationship™ has its own unique way of putting you under the influence of an illusion, a false truth that keeps you in tunnel vision and acting from a place of fear!

This is what an illusion does!  When you are coming from a fear-based place, it is inevitable that you will create what you do not want—in your relationships, your life, and within yourself!

Now, instead of staying stuck in patterns of frustration, anger, bitterness, disappointment—all of that—there is a way out! There is an opportunity to connect with your heart, with your Soul, with your most Divine Self—this next level of YOU—also known as you inner Love Renegade—by breaking free of the Illusions of Relationship™!

When we look at things from the perspective of the Illusions of Relationship™, we see things from an elevated viewpoint where are empowered to say, think, and feel “Ohhh, that’s what’s happening! I see it now! I am going to make a new choice!”  The six Illusions of Relationship™ are listed as follows:

  • Illusion of Control
  • Illusion of Sacrifice
  • Illusion of Drama
  • Illusion of Perfection
  • Illusion of Absorption
  • Illusion of Satisfaction

If you are curious which one of these Illusions that your soul would like for you to notice so that you can break free—take our free online quiz, which you can find right here on our website! I will be in touch with more videos and resources about each Illusion of Relationship™.