Let me lay it out for you. 

You and someone you care about have not spoken in months. You want so badly to reconnect and yet…you don’t.  You have so much to share but the timing is not quite right.

This is not an issue of perfection. This is what I call a “choice of permission.” All too often we do not give ourselves permission to do what we want to do. Instead, we continue to do what we have been doing or we choose to do what we are told to do. 

As the leader of our movement, Love Renegades, I gave myself permission to temporarily remove myself from “business as usual.” In that choice I stood with my heart’s truth, replenished with the Divine, and focused on my sacred relationships. 

This, sweet ones, is the reason I have been absent for the last few months. 

Instead of keeping up appearances with social media and marketing and doing what I was “supposed to do,” I acknowledged my heart’s longing for something else. Something new, different, and unknown—that at the time, had not yet revealed itself to me. 

In an effort to understand my heart’s message, I chose Love where I dove deeply into service mode with clients and focused on the three relationships I care about the most:

  • My relationship with the Divine
  • My relationship with my Self
  • My relationship with husband, Daniel

This decision of choosing Love and these sacred relationships led to a series of events that would take me on a spiritual pilgrimage throughout India in early 2020 and would ultimately lead me to relocating to Hawaii with my husband, Daniel—and in the middle of a pandemic. 

In this time of global calamity, I am acutely aware of how powerful our choices are. I see the polarity of love and fear clearly. I am choosing Love.

My loving intention to reach out to you today was to reconnect with you—to remind you of your heart’s wisdom and the power that comes from making a choice. 

And I am doing something I have not done in years! Over the next two weeks I have chosen to open up my calendar to support you in reconnecting with your heart and choosing Love.

Here is a link to my calendar: https://my.timetrade.com/book/4NQQ6

*When you find a time that works for you please select the time and click on the confirm/submit key. This ensures that you make it onto my calendar.

My request is that you show up fully to this conversation. Show up with your heart and be open to receiving. 

Sending you lavish blessings of love, healing, and reconnection.