Watch me channel this healing transmission:

I am experiencing the ocean. I am experiencing the ebb and flow. This shows me that you may be feeling stuck. That you may be experiencing an illusion of unworthiness. Taking the details of life, that ebb and that flow out of context–to think that just bc something isn’t flowing at the lightning speed that you want—that there is a judgment there.

Yet, it’s during this time when you feel stuck––it’s almost as if there is this running river and everything is flowing and flowing flowing and you are just grasping onto this rock bc you don’t want ot be taken in by the tide.

This speaks to how even though we can desire something or ask the universe for something, we need it to come in at a gentle pace bc if it comes in too fast—we can feel afraid.

In this month of September, you may notice some inner judgments, some criticisms, some perfectionist tendencies that you may be used to or may these tendencies show themselves every now and then.

This illusion of perfection is perfect as we are in this time of Virgo. So while you desire to improve adn step into the fullness of who you are. Know that when you step into this fullness, you are also showing up bigger and brighter for others,.

You are turning into a lighthouse. Yes, this can feel overwhelming and yes your Junior may try to tell you that you are stuck. Please know taht this is a anillusion.

You cannot be stuck if you allow yourself to flow with life.

So as we go back to that image of the ocean, with that ebb and flow and the image of the river flowering and winding—you are asked to trust in the uncertainty, to surrender to the flow—trusting that you will not drown. That you will not be overwhelmed.

Feel that welm. Yes, even joy can feel overwhelming. We can stop it so that we do not have to feel that surge of joy.

What we ask you to do this september is to let go. To let go and trust. Release the need to control. To release for things to be perfection. As perfection goes beyond the limits of your mind.

Just bc something isn;r taking place in the way that youw ant, doesn’t mean it is not taking place.

So if you will open your heart to receive this blessing trust. We ask that you allow yourself to be filled with this energy of trust. To allow the Divine to gently cradle you s you flow down that river. Allow yourself to enjoy that ebb and flow and that movement of the ocean—for this an extension of you.