Re: Choosing a Life that You Love

Greetings from a Europe-bound plane! In the nearly eight years that Daniel and I have been together, this is our first international trip together.

A dear friend—someone who I met when I was eight-years-old and who went to Catechism with me—is getting married in Dresden, Germany! I cannot wait to celebrate her very special day with her!  During our time in Europe, Daniel and I will explore Prague and Budapest too.

As I reflect on this, I have tears in my eyes.  See, years ago I declared that I wanted to explore with Daniel.  This included exploring our inner worlds together, healing and transforming together, and co-manifestation.  My dream life also includes travel and having a business that reflects my soul’s true essence…

Today is the day that I realized that all of this has come to fruition. I am humbled and overcome by love and appreciation.

I bring this up, not to brag, but to shed light on how this all came into being.  I did not “get lucky.” I simply chose manifest my desire.  To quote Paulo Coelho from my favorite book, The Alchemist, “when you want something, all of the Universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

What do you desire?  What is in your heart?  What does your dream life and your best relationship look and feel like? In your desire, how are you spending your time?

Please know anything that you desire is within reach.  It is only a few choices away.  I used to make achieving my desire so much harder than it actually was.  I had so many excuses about why I could not have what I wanted. I allowed these excuses to hold me back. I would feel like no matter what I did, it would never work or be good enough.

But one day, I made a new choice.  I chose to heal and let go of all of the energetic baggage that was keeping me from having my best relationship with Daniel and from being in love with life.

You can have your own version of this, and I can show you the path to get there.  This path is called the empowered path of healing. It is accessed by the following:

  • Acknowledging your desire
  • Embracing your challenges
  • Choosing to heal and transcend
  • Making soul-driven choices
  • Taking love-based actions

The empowered path of healing looks different for each person as all of us are unique expressions of the Divine. For this reason, I have created the Uniquely You: Empowered Path of Healing Startup Program.  Here are some of the benefits of the program:

  • Healing from the inside out—gain insight into spiritual blocks, your Divine strengths, and unique roadmap to have all that you desire and more
  • Higher frequency of attraction—when you allow your soul self to shine, you are more connected to the Divine and open to seeing and receiving gifts from the Universe
  • Heightened intuition, self-love, and self-trust—Reconnecting to your true source of power: your soul
  • Releasing energetic baggage—when you let go of what holds you back, you empower yourself to access everything that you need to manifest your desires
  • Clarity on next steps—components of the program give you a uniquely you roadmap outlining who you get to be and what you can do to create a life and relationship that you love

Here is the structure of the Uniquely You: Empowered Path of Healing Program:

It begins with a soul reading from me.  In this 90 minute session, delivered by phone, you will gain insight into:

  • Who you are at soul-level. These are your soul-level gifts and talents, and your soul purpose.  Embracing these gifts will allow you to heal and create a relationship and life that you love.
  • Practical application of these gifts to your relationships, your love life, your career, etc. to assist you in creating a life that reflects your soul’s true essence.
  • The energetic blocks that are holding you back from having a life that you love—if you know what is holding you back, you are empowered to change the situation through being your soul-self. (Value $597)

This service also comes with a unique 21 day prayer practice and energy clearing work to empower you to make love-based and soul-driven choices.

Approximately three weeks later, you will receive a healing elixir, a powerful energy healing treatment that is delivered long-distance as you sleep where you will wake up feeling recharged, empowered, and loved.  More Divine insights and messages from your Spirit Guides will make their way to you in a unique written report created just for you. (This report will be emailed to you, the morning after your healing elixir.)

After receiving both your soul reading and healing elixir, you will receive a 3o minute follow-up session to further assist you on your empowered path of healing.

The Uniquely You: Empowered Path of Healing Program is delivered in six weeks.  In that time, you will be able to receive guidance and support from me via email. This will support you in integrating all that you receive from both the soul reading and the healing elixir into your relationships and life.

The value of this program is over $997, but until July 31, 2016, it can be yours for $697. 

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After you purchase your Uniquely You: Empowered Path of Healing Program, I will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours to schedule your soul reading and to obtain information that I need in order to deliver this program to you.

*Please know that your information will be kept confidential and treated with love and care.

Dismantle the Soulmate Myth, Reclaim Your Love Life

If your love life frustrates you, you are not alone.  Many highly conscious people struggle to find joy in their relationships.

At first things appear to progress. We find someone we like.  We get inspired by a new approach to dating.  We may even find ourselves in a relationship.

And then, tragedy strikes.

We experience heartbreak or loss in our new relationship.  We get bored with the dating process.  We just can’t seem to get it right.  We feel like we just do not have the energy for this. We are done wasting our precious energy on rejection.

And yet…a part of us still daydreams about our best relationship and future significant other.  We imagine ourselves on a romantic vacation.  We fantasize about co-manifesting with someone who is at our level. We snuggle up in delicious thoughts of being unconditionally loved, supported, and adored by a beautiful human being.

Sound familiar?  Maybe it’s time to shake things up.

First, you must become aware of the energetic reasons behind why you attract what you attract in your love life. One way to do this as to look at your beliefs.

What do I believe to be true about love and relationships? (What strong opinions do I uphold about romantic love?)

Is what I accept as to be true a universal truth?

Are my beliefs serving me in having a relationship that I love?

To assist you further, I am going to give an example of a love myth that I uncovered on my path to creating my best relationship.  This love myth is a part of the belief systems of many highly conscious people.

It’s the soulmate love myth.

A myth is something that we think is true, when in reality, nothing could be further from the truth.  A love myth is an aspect of an illusion.

As a Love Renegade, we work to dismantle untruths, myths, and illusions—laws of love—that are keeping you stuck in your love life.

We when we do this, we are empowered to break free, heal our hearts, and reclaim our romantic relationships!

Watch these three videos to discover the ins and outs of the soulmate love myth and how it negatively impacts your relationships and other life areas.




You are the catalyst of change. 

With Love & Gratitude,