When you hear the words free spirit, what is the first image, thought, or feeling that comes into your heart?

Perhaps it is…

  • …Someone who cannot be bound?
  • …Someone who does life to the beat of her own drum?
  • …Someone who defies convention and authority?

Do you consider yourself to be a free spirit?

Do you find yourself admiring the free spirits in your life?

Do you love spending time with free spirits as every moment with them is an adventure?

Or, on the flipside…

  • …Does a person with free spirit qualities agitate you?
  • ….Have you felt abandoned, betrayed, or hurt by a free spirit?
  • …Did your interactions with a free spirit cause you to feel like you just could not measure up?

Are you a free spirit who has…

  • …Clipped your own wings (or allowed for them to be clipped) to fit in?
  • …Flown away from limitations instead of through the limitations?
  • …Parted ways with people who felt were trying to control you?
  • …Resigned yourself to being single?
  • …Feels your current relationship isn’t exciting, expansive, or supportive enough?

Do you hold any of the following beliefs?

  1. No partner or potential partner is truly at your level of consciousness
  2. Relationships intrude on your personal freedom
  3. Your dream relationship does not exist in reality

If you feel triggered or deep resonance with anything that we just covered, I invite you to watch the following two segments taken from a virtual event I hosted last week called Soul-Level Healing for Your Broken Heart.

Instead of posting the entire training here, I felt it was best to share segments with you. In these particular segments, you will discover:

  • How your free spirit is helping or harming you in your relationships and love life
  • Insight into deeply held beliefs that are no longer serving you on having your best relationship
  • Empathy and compassion into a free spirit’s thought process
  • Actions that you can take to transform your relationship karma and heal your heart

This first video features free spirit, Patricia and her struggle in crafting a relationship that reflects her soul’s true essence.


This next video features free spirit, “Ali” (not her real name.)  “Ali” feels she has outgrown her current relationship, and it breaks her heart.


Does this content resonate with you or trigger you?  I welcome your feedback.