If there is any day to be completely truthful with yourself, it is today: Valentine’s Day. To be honest, I am not fond of holidays. I do not enjoy the social obligation of participating in them. I do not like the “collective vibe” of many holidays or how they underscore feelings of loneliness and disconnection.

That being said, I do LOVE reaching out to you and letting you know that you matter. While there is no one else in the world quite like you, the feelings you feel and the issues that leave you feeling disillusioned are universal. When you are honest with yourself about your feelings and desires and when you take empowered actions, you make way for more of what you desire.

Why is this true? Because you cannot control other people but you are in charge of how you choose to respond (not necessarily react) to the different obstacles and challenges in your life and within your romantic relationships.

(Stay tuned for a post on the “Law of Control” and what it is to break this law of love™ one of the so-called rules of engagement that get in the way of you having fulfilling experiences in your romantic life, personal, and professional life.)

What can you do to be more true to you on this very special day?

To answer my own question…

This Valentine’s Day, I am retiring the title, “Love Psychic.”  When I chose this title in 2012, it was from a place of wanting to give an honest portrayal of the service I offered. It was to embrace traits about myself that I had denied for years. It a statement of love and appreciation for myself and it was to model truth for others.

Over the years, things have grown and evolved, as they often will with time. I have found that “psychic,” although a part of what I bring to clients is no longer the most accurate.

At Love Renegades, I help my clients find and attract love within the framework of dating and within their romantic partnerships and relationships. I also help them create results that they love in other aspects of their professional and personal lives.

I do this by empowering them to rebel against social, familial, and cultural constructs that no longer serve them.  By reconnecting them with their inner wisdom, I assist them in identifying, addressing, and rewriting these so-called “rules” of engagement in relationships, or what we at Love Renegades call Breaking the Laws of Love™.

I have witnessed genuine healing occur in the work I do with clients. I have seen it reflected in their relationships, their love life, and in their professional success.

Do you desire to experience more love in your romantic relationships personal achievements? More healing in your heart center and self-esteem?

If you answered yes, then give yourself the gift of a free Heart Connection Session. These sessions are free and delivered over the phone or on Zoom (video conferencing.) In this session, you will receive coaching and insight on exactly what is blocking you from having the experiences you want and more importantly: what you can do about it in clear and practical terms.

These sessions are application-only, not because I am a “snobby snob,” but because sincerely want to make sure that I am the best person to serve you and that you are ready for what I can offer you.

Apply here: https://laurenkaywyatt.com/apply-renegade-session/

What other ways can you be true to you today and everyday? Let us know with your comment. 

Thank you for reading and Happy forking Valentine’s Day. ❤️