Don’t you love the feeling of release that comes right after January 1st? My most obvious reason for this—-which I am sure that you can relate to—- is that “the holidays” is definitely not my favorite time of year!

Being an empath might have something to do with. Feeling the gut-wrenching pressure of “getting things done” in activities and customs that I do not really care to participate in feels icky.  Dealing with those pesky “I am not good enough” issues is such an anxiety-ball waste-of-time. Can you relate?

Ultimately, my reason for not enjoying the more traditional expression of “the holidays” comes down to a choice. Simply put, I choose not to enjoy senseless convention and society’s rules.

(This is one reason why my husband and I opted to go to Mexico for the first part of December. There, we attended a beautiful beach wedding and celebrated his 40th birthday. Then, we enjoyed both Christmas and many of the nights of Chanukah alone together. It was romantic, simple, and utterly delectable!)

Even if it seems otherwise, please know that you really DO have a choice when it comes to doing things YOUR way. And believe me—-I know that sometimes it does not seem that way AT ALL.

Up until about six years ago, I had a period of not wanting to do anything because I felt so much pressure and felt things so deeply. I sensed that people wanted me to do things that I did not want to do them. I had a hard time saying no. I was not brave enough to connect with that I did want. Really, I was burnt out and depressed and my love tank was on low.  It was not a life that I wanted to live.  I did some spiritual healing work, started making new choices, and aligned my life.

Now, I am a love renegade who has created her best relationship and who has liberated herself from a lot of life’s burdens and set backs. Now I live my passion by assisting other awesome people—-like you—-in creating their best relationships—- I am overflowing with passion about what it means to live an obligation-free life, doing things your way, and to have this reflected in your intimate relationships!

Some people may think that my approach is very selfish. Some people may find it unreasonable.

Is it unreasonable to connect with your heart and own what you desire?

Is it selfish to come from love over fear? 

Is it selfish to be genuine?

This is what it is to revolt for love and to break the laws of love!

The laws of love are illusions or “society’s conventions” that make absolutely no sense. These “laws” keep you from experiencing love and liberation in your relationships.

As a Love Renegade, it my greatest pleasure to shed light on the Laws of Love and how you can break them!

Watch an intro to breaking the laws of love that I did on Facebook Livestream last week below:


And if you are ready to take it a few steps deeper, apply for a Love Life Breakthrough Session with me. This is a divine opportunity to receive insight into which laws of love you are falling into, the healing that is needed to break free, and practical guidance from me.  Apply for that session here:

Let’s revolt for love together!