Each day you go about your day in the best way that you can. You see the same people, do the same things, strive for the same goals, and think the same thoughts.
You are not alone in this. All of us do some version of this. We get comfortable. We become so engrained in a routine or so fixed on our focus that we do what we always do: we lose sight of the many opportunities for LOVE and abundance that are right there—-right in front of us—-staring us in the face—-and at our fingertips.
When we could be seeing and seizing these opportunities and saying YES to receiving love in all of its forms—-what do we do instead?

We push love away.

We say no to abundance.

We think, “oh well…maybe next time, when I am [prettier/thinner/smarter/debt-free/etc.]

When we say no, we say yes to what we have always known instead. And guess what happens when we do that? We say yes to more of the same!

That means that those same circumstances that have been getting under-your-skin—-the same dynamics that make you want to pull your hair out…They just keep happening over and over and OVER again.

And why wouldn’t they?

You cannot create what you desire if you continue to do the same thing and make the same choices.

Same creates same.

Same cannot lead to different—-no matter how well-intentioned you are or how much you meditate or how much you pray and how much you talk to your friends about what you want.

No amount of complaining or crying is going to bring about what you want—-not if you continue to do what you have always done.

Before you get upset or go to defend your decisions—-before you go into trying to convince yourself and me that you “had no choice” but to do what you have been doing—-know this:

This is not your fault—or anyone else’s for that matter!

No one is blaming you.

No one—-especially not I—- is shaming you for your choices or telling you that you could have “done a better job.”

No one is trying to invalidate your pain away either. Life can be really, really tough. Some of us have undergone terrible heartbreak and unimaginable trauma.
Like everyone else..

You do not know what you have NOT been taught. You cannot see what you do not know to look for.

If you feel fed up with experiencing the same frustrating patterns over and over again— whether it is feeling deeply frustrated in your love life, at your wit’s end in a relationship, being passed up for a promotion AGAIN, or simply not feeling seen, heard, and loved—-you very well might be locked into an illusion.

Illusions, or what I call “the Laws of Love” must be broken. Illusion are elusive concepts that appear to be True (and some of these illusions might have some truth to them) but in reality all they are mind-control mechanisms that are meant to keep you in your place!! They are the ultimate status quo shit that has been fed to you by the collective conscience (or **THE THEY, as I like to call *them) that keeps you separated from Love and in your place!

(As much as I wish that I had, I did not coin the term “the they” for the collective conscious. I was listening to a lecture by Caroline Myss, one of my favorite spiritual teachers and she said it first! Ever since I heard her say this I have been obsessed with the term! I truly cannot think of a more aligned way to say it!)

With this new information at the forefront of your mind, I ask you the following questions:

Do you really want to be just another cog in the machine? Do you really want to be separated from love? Do you want to believe that you cannot have what you yearn for? Do you like being just like everyone else?

Or, do you yearn to reconnect with your own heart’s wisdom? Are you ready to reclaim you relationship and love life? Are you ready to SAY NO to more heartbreaking patterns?

If you answered no to the first set of questions and yes to the second set and if you want to explore your potential more deeply, I invite you to apply for a Love Renegade Connection Session with me.

In this free session, available by application only and delivered by phone, we will uncover the illusions that are blocking you from moving forward. You will receive healing insight and practical action steps from me too. Apply here: https://laurenkaywyatt.com/apply-renegade-session/

And finally, I ask you to dig deep down within yourself and ask yourself, “Do I really want to be right about why I cannot have what I want?” Or “Am I ready to say yes to love and make a new choice?”

Let me know your answers. I love to love you, and I will be in touch soon with more wisdom bursts for you!