Imagine that you and I are in a fight. In this moment, you hear about all of the ways in which you are deficient. You are reminded of all of your failures as a light shines brightly on a lot on all of your inadequacies.

OMG! Don’t I just sound like the worst person in the world?!

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Let’s continue with this scenario and pretend—just for a moment—that because, I am in fact *the worst, you choose to cut me out of your life and never ever speak to me again. You choose to unfriend me.  You gossip about me. You call me abusive.  Maybe you let everyone know that it is because of me (and how awful I am) that you will never ever succeed in love or in life.

And that really, really sucks.  🙁

Because we were never in a fight. All you did was ask for my opinion, my feedback on the situation. You asked me why things—-your relationships, your health, etc—-were not turning out in your favor, and I told you the truth.

I was not even “brutally honest” with you.  I simply facilitated some support in connecting the dots as to why A+B (and C and D) has brought you to the outcome that you are currently experiencing.In the moment of truth—-of LIGHT—-you blamed me and made everything my fault.

The only person who ever brought judgement into this interaction was YOU.

Of course the “you” I address  to is not you—-not specifically anyway…Instead I speak to the little you, your ego—-or Junior as I like to call it. Everyone, no matter how empowered or spiritual they think they  are, has a Junior.  In fact, my first spiritual teacher once told me “the bigger the spirit, the bigger the ego.”

Yes, my friend, my Junior is pretty freakin big! 🙂 (And my spirit is really big and vibrant and bright and shiny too!!)

And I am grateful for my big ass Junior.  Why?  Because if it were not for the massive victim consciousness of an illusion that I used to be entrenched in, I would not be where I am today.

See, I used to be someone who would blame others for my circumstances.  For every relationship that did not work out, it was the other person’s fault.  For every obstacle I encountered, it was always because I was at a disadvantage or because I did not have A, B, or C.  I also used to get really, really down on myself. I was so mean and hateful to myself. I made myself wrong for anything good that I tried to do.

One day, I got really, really tired of it all. I was completely over myself. I decided to break free of all of the junk. I chose to break free from the mindless repression of the status quo.


In a moment of truth, I chose to BE RESPONSIBLE.

Responsibility is a word that many of us free spirit types may cringe when we hear it…This and that annoying word “discipline” go hand-in-hand. But responsibility really is sexy. Let me tell you why and first let’s start with what is NOT attractive and sexy.

It is not sexy (unless you are into that whole damsel-in-distress nonsense) to be helpless, powerless, and wounded.  If there is any part of you that wants to be rescued or feels that everything would just get a whole lot better if so-and-so behaved in the way that you wanted them to behave, I ask you: how do you want others to feel when they are around you?

If you want people to truly want to spend time with you, be with you, and appreciate you, then YOU get to be someone they would want to spend time with!

Honestly, do you enjoy being around someone who complains constantly? (Does misery really love company? lol) Are you someone who constantly places blame on others? Are you someone who always has a problem? Are you always talking or thinking about what a failure you are?

In case you were detecting any judgement in my tone, I am asking you to recognize this as your own judgment. (We are not in a fight, remember?) I am simply connecting with you, from a place of love, on how you can have the relationship that you long for and the results that you love…

…Which leads me into another possibly more serious aspect of this conversation…

Often when a person is complaining and crying about how badly they are treated by others and how disillusioned they are within their relationships, it sheds light onto all of the ways in which that person has blocked herself from receiving love.

Can you see how it is an act of self-love to admit that maybe you have been blocking you from receiving and attracting love?

Trust me, even if it appears to be unconventional or inconvenient or feels uncomfortable, taking responsibility for your circumstances makes you a highly attractive person.  To be responsible is to love yourself and to embrace life.  Like attracts like. If you love you, you create love within and around you. You become a love bug!! 🙂

OK back to me——

When I chose to accept and embrace every single problem in my life as an opportunity for peace, healing, and transformation, my life transformed. My heart expanded. My love life became really, really good.

Choosing to be responsible is a choice to truly heal.   It is healing all of the parts of yourself that you may have abandoned.

It was NOT an easy choice for me to make, but when I looked in the mirror, I did not like who I had become.

In that moment, I made a new choice. I chose to be responsible. I chose love. I chose to heal.

And you can too….And look, I don’t care how evolved you are or how much “work” you have already done, everyone can stand to grow and transform just a bit more. To think that you are “done evolving” simply is not true. It is an illusion that is made to keep you exactly where you are, when in fact, there is always an opportunity for love. For expansion.  Healing is love.  Love is part of expansion.

In this moment, I want to offer you an opportunity.  This opportunity is to have a healing elixir with me.  A healing elixir is a very sexy service that I offer that includes a loving and empowering energy healing treatment, a written reading from me filled with divine messages that are intended to support YOU on your healing journey, and a 30 minute processing session with me.

In a healing elixir, you will discover and become enlightened to the following:

  • Your infinite potential
  • Specific opportunities to choose love over fear
  • Healing guidance from your spirit guides and angels

Choose to be the Light that you are, put your Junior in his place, and choose to be SEXY by getting a healing elixir today. Click here to get this healing party started.

If you are not sure if this service is for you, contact me at and we will connect about this together. 🙂

In the meantime, I send you universal love, lots of hugs, and #revoltforlove blessings.

To Your Inner Love Renegade,