Meet your delightfully rebellious heart. Say hello to Thanksgiving. While you are at it, make a wave at the end of the year and add on a big scoop of what it’s like to ride on the tails of a contentious election.

Eeeek, right?!?!

lwsmall-7259I mean with a combination like this—-you know the highly flammable kind—-the type that creates what we will call an inflamed situation—is likely to spontaneously combust at any time with hurt feelings, lash outs, and backed up emotion tension. Yes, for times like these, it might be best to just give yourself permission to back away from the situation and assess from another vantage point.

So let’s do that together…And while we are at it, let’s just admit that maybe right now—-at at a time in which everyone (maybe you are even participating in this too by some degree) is telling us to just be grateful—-maybe you are honestly finding that a little tough these days…

Perhaps you are concerned about what is happening at Standing Rock. Maybe you feel guilty about enjoying a big huge meal when you think about where Thanksgiving really came from and the exploitation of the Native American people. Maybe it bothers you because you do not eat meat and meat is kind of the focal point of the meal. Maybe you are annoyed with others who keep pointing out problems that you have no idea how to solve…

You might even be stressed about the results and fall out of the election. Maybe you just really want to unplug and you are are not looking forward to spending time with loved ones who see things differently from how you see them.

Yet, even in all of this, there is still a part of you—-a big part—-that simply wants to be at peace with yourself and be free…Maybe this Thanksgiving, you want to have a nice meal and you want to enjoy yourself, and love everyone around you, and maybe—-since you are a love renegade at heart—-you want to do it on your terms and not be fake…

Does any of this sound familiar? 🙂

These are just a few of the different expressions of the conundrum of the heart-centered, people-oriented, and highly conscious individual.

You really see things from such an elevated and unique point-of-view. You are truly wired to shed light and offer comfort to others. This is such a beautiful position to be in, but maybe it is especially hard right now.

Do you feel stuck when it comes to receiving love?
Do you feel like others do not appreciate you or listen to you?
Do you find yourself being resentful of others?
Do you find yourself being hard on yourself?

Have you been feeling especially critical lately?

If you answered yes, then I would like you to acknowledge that your rebel heart is begging for your attention. Listen to your heart by really feeling into the questions below…What would your love life, relationships, and life in general be like if you…

…Released self-judgement?

…Embraced your desire to attract and receive love?

…Experienced healing?

Right now you might be thinking, OK Lauren, that all makes sense, but I am not sure how.

One way that I can personally assist you is through a service I offer called a healing elixir, a long-distance energy healing treatment that will help you release resentment and fear and open your heart, mind, and body to LOVE and the power of your heart’s journey.

In a healing elixir, you will experience newfound confidence from the wisdom of your rebel heart and discover a clear path to how you can love yourself while loving others and allowing yourself the freedom and space to receive love by stepping out of fear with A.) an energy healing treatment facilitated by me and activated by you B.) a written reading filled with loving soul wisdom and insight into your heart’s journey and loving intuitive advice that is grounded in universal law on how you can attract more love C.) and a 30 minute PRIVATE session with me that is a total love fest all about you! 🙂

I am so passionate about my healing elixir service and I absolutely love giving healing elixirs to amazing heart-centered people like you!

So if you feel like it is time to practice some radical self love and say YES to receiving and attracting love and to truly show yourself some love and gratitude, then please: will you do me the honor of receiving a healing elixir? If your answer is yes, invest in yourself with a healing elixir today by clicking on the link below.

Purchase Your Healing Elixir

After I receive notification of your payment, I will reach out to you via email to schedule your healing elixir and to obtain information that I need to create it.

In the meantime, I am sending you lots of love. Please know that t I am deeply grateful for you. Because of you, I get to connect with you at least once or twice a month with love renegade advice on how you can have your best relationship and experience love—-on your terms.

Before I go, I want to reiterate that getting a healing elixir is all about you. Many of us heart-centered people feel weird about investing in ourselves. Some of us may find it highly uncomfortable when we are going through a hard time. Regardless of where you’re personally at right now, with all of the things you could buy for Black Friday, be a love renegade and give yourself this gift of healing. Like attracts like and choosing to love you always benefits you and everyone around you.