You feel heat rising in your body.  Your throat starts to itch.  You begin to feel nauseated.  Your upper lip begins to quiver. No, you are not having an allergy attack!! You are getting ready to do something really uncomfortable.

Some call it speaking your truth. Others call it setting boundaries. I call it revolting for love. It is vulnerability, courage, and LOVE in action—-a form of self-love that has the power to transform your circumstances.

Watch my short video below that I made just for you: you sensitive and beautiful soul.

struggling for comfort video screenshot

It is my intention that this video serves you in breaking the laws of love, revolting for love, and creating the love that you want—-on your terms!

How does this video make you feel?  You can let me know by writing me privately at or by leaving a comment right here, on my blog. If you have any follow-up questions, please reach out and ask!

I love connecting with you. xo