Worst Choice Ever!

Last week, I shared with you a choice I made that most “normal” people would likely regret. It involved a genuine narcissist, a lot of money, and abuse—psychological, emotional, and spiritual abuse!

However, as someone who experiences life deeply, I have come to accept that I may have created an intense experience to show me what’s important and real. 

Even though it totally sucked—and of course, I had days where my Junior (our word for ego) was beating me up over the WORST, MOST EMBARRASSING CHOICE I had ever made in my life—even though all of this was true, this “terrible experience” gifted me with the following:

  • Deeper connection with the Divine, myself, and my husband.
  • Empowered me to view life’s challenges through a spiritual lens—definitely not through a religious lens or some outdated corporate “hustle culture” business perspective! 
  • Profound acknowledgment of my power and purpose.
  • Heightened my bullshit detector and upped my spidey senses.
  • Led me to navigate with trust, love, and confidence and successfully rebuild!
  • Rise above negative cultural conditioning.

This begs the question: Can it really be the WORST CHOICE IN THE WORLD if it leads to such good things?

This entire situation shows how I reclaimed my power and broke free from Illusion—especially that damn Illusion of Drama!!

What if your “shitty situation” has the potential to be a powerful catalyst for you?  

What if your stagnation is calling you into a higher level of potential?  

What if it’s time for you to break free of illusion and claim your power? 

What would your life and relationships be like if you released all the bullshit and aligned yourself with the Divine?

I choose to live fully and do my best to go beyond illusion and support others in their individual process! My spiritual group coaching program Living Beyond Illusion meets next week on Tuesday, Mar 26, 2024 at 12 PM PST/ 2 PM CST/ 3 PM EST.

Whether you are ready for your next breakthrough or want support on how to focus your energy to allow in all the blessings that the Universe wants to give you, I suggest you do yourself a favor and say yes! ✊‍♂️

Here are the details of Living Beyond Illusion: https://laurenkaywyatt.com/living-beyond-illusion/

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Now imagine…What would it feel like to say yes to what you want and trust that you will receive all the support you need along the way?

Now, enjoy that feeling!