[Lunar Eclipse Story] Power of Release

You may have heard that we are in the midst of a lunar eclipse. This means you may have noticed the presence of relationship drama and emotional conflict—whether in your life or those close to you!

Even though this is pretty uncomfortable, celebrate that you are becoming increasingly aware of what is no longer working within yourself, your life, and within your relationships. You feel the pull to redefine yourself and choose who you want to be.

If you feel like things are messy right know, remember that each of us is an expression of the Divine. As Divine beings, we are offered the opportunity for transformation, and transformation makes a Divine Mess (ahem, masterpiece) of all of us! 

The Illusion of Drama is the archetype of change. Change can feel chaotic and dramatic, but know that if you are on a path of transformation and growth, you cannot avoid it! It’s inevitable, but how you choose to respond to change determines whether or not the Illusion of Drama holds you back. When we resist change, we make things much more difficult!

When we are on a path of transformation, we usually feel the urge to succumb to Junior (my word for ego) and doubt ourselves. We can “feel bad” for making tough decisions and beat ourselves up for things not going smoothly. 

This lunar eclipse urges us to free ourselves from the drama by letting go, moving on, and trusting. 

I’ll give an example by sharing a story of my own…

In 2018, I made an unpopular and powerful decision: I stopped talking to my mother. This was an extremely difficult choice, but I knew deep within the core of my being that it had to be done.

Over the years, I would receive feedback that I was cruel to do such a thing—that my choice was causing others—not just my mother—to suffer. I was told that I lacked compassion. Some said, “How can you call yourself a relationship expert and not have a good relationship with your mother?”  

[Of course, my Junior totally brought these things to my attention as well—which is why I attracted this feedback from others! Oh, Junior!]

To break through the Illusion of Drama, I would remind myself that I am NOT an “ordinary relationship expert;” I am a Love Renegade. Being a doormat and allowing someone to treat me poorly is way more “out of integrity” than having an inauthentic shell of a relationship that “society” would approve of! 

As I look back at what happened, I see that my choice allowed me to practice radical self-trust and self-compassion. I advocated for myself and chose to trust that what I was doing was a love-based choice that would assist all involved. Instead of trying to fit into some illusion of a social norm that suffocates and confines us all, I rebelled—trusting that my choice would assist all of us in having healthier, more authentically satisfying relationships!

During the time apart, I healed my heart, reclaimed my power through loving myself through all the messy emotions, deepened my relationship with the Divine, and even explored—on a highly practical level—what it meant to forgive, heal, and move forward. 

Fast-forward—my mom and I have reconnected and are on excellent terms. Our relationship is supportive, honest, and authentic. We each took responsibility for the fallout and have returned better than ever. 

Healing is the highest form of rebellion! I share this to inspire you to trust yourself and your messy process! 

Trust that if you want to tap into your highest potential, have amazing relationships, and achieve great things—you may need to let something or someone go—whether it’s a person, a relationship dynamic, or a “bad habit.” It can mean choosing to see through illusion and endure the discomfort of making positive choices.

Likewise, if you are on the receiving end of a conflict—for instance, if you are the person who is broken up with or left behind—choose to accept that even though this is emotionally painful, not having that person in your life or having that boundary in place serves you, too. Let this propel you to new heights of healing, wholeness, and empowerment. Trust that if you are meant to reconnect, you will. Know that it could be better than it was before! 

For either side and no side at all, trust the process and love yourself. Navigate with love, trust, and confidence by embracing change and choosing to grow!

Bullshit Awareness Week

Our most recent Weekly Predictions shed light on transformation, new beginnings, and letting go of the past. As you move deeper into your highest potential, you will encounter various forms of “egoic resistance,” or the ways in which Junior will distract you from your path.

To further assist you in navigating your life and relationships with trust, love, and confidence—Spirit guided me to create additional healing transmissions called Wisdom Wednesdays and to put these in video form! Think of this new endeavor as your “spiritual coaching companion” to the Weekly Predictions!  As always, I will do this until it is time to stop, take a break, or do something new.  

This Wisdom Wednesday [is 12 minutes and 53 seconds] and a must-watch for people who want to be aware of their own bullshit and use it to move forward on their path of transformation. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you! Many blessings to you and much Love!

Wisdom Wednesday is the “spiritual coaching companion” of the Weekly Predictions.
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Betrayal is a Bitch: A Look into the Messy Energy of Dating

Betrayal is a bitch.  It’s the poison that ruins relationships, the catalyst of a self-esteem plummet. Once we are betrayed…well shit, life just never looks the same again.

The rose color glasses have been stomped on.  Paradise? Lost.

Some of us, the softies, cry. We keep our heads down and distract ourselves as we pray, beg, and even plead with God that we will never, ever be betrayed again.

Then, there are the badasses, those of us naturally dominate folks, who become hardened, jaded, and skeptical. As badasses, we will remove anyone who we perceive as a threat. For this group, any Judas/Brutus is identified immediately and self-protective actions are promptly taken.

Regardless of whichever camp (team softie, camp badass, or flip-flopper) that you are in, you vow to yourself…never again…never will I ever allow this happen!

You plot revenge. You cry. You fantasize about being vindicated as you lie in your rose-thorned-adorned bed.

This is heartbreak.

It’s impossible for betrayal not to result in some type of heartbreak.  When we are heartbroken, our defenses are up. When our defenses are up, our fear is ignited.

Fear is the opposite of love.

If part of you craves being in a loving intimate relationship, a physical expression of love, fear is pretty inconvenient.

When our fear is ignited, we go into self-protection mode.  Self-protection can look like myriad of ways.  For some of us, self-protection looks like we are trying to outrun something.  We distract ourselves with big projects at work. We numb out with partying.  Some of us might create petty drama.

Those of us, fed up with those aspects of self-protection mode, claim that we are done with relationships and dating and that we want to focus on ourselves, first and foremost.

The choice to love yourself is always a wise choice, right?

Yes and no.

Yes in that self-love is a huge component in creating a healthy and fulfilling relationship. No, because highly conscious people like us can use this as an excuse to keep us from having what the relationship that we desire.

Having mixed intentions will never give us what we want, but it does a great job at keeping things as they are.

An intention is a word for whatever motivation (conscious, subconscious, maybe even unconscious) is behind the actions that we take.  Let’s talk about intentions in the context of dating.

Dating is simply a mechanism to craft a relationship.

What if we are afraid to date?  What if the people we attract to go on dates with are total duds or psychos? 

What if we are really busy and dating just doesn’t excite us or feel worth it anymore?

What if we are super traumatized by past experiences that our fear has helped us substantially to live fully functional lives and dating is a huge unknown?!?

This is where intention comes in.

Intention plays into what we desire, what we fear, and how we see the world.  Intention is based on what we believe is true, what we feel we deserve, and what we think we can get.

What do I believe is universally true?

What do I feel I deserve?

What do I think I can get?

Everything we attract is a result of our intention. If our intentions are love-based, we are going to make love-based decisions.  If they our intentions are fear-based, then we are going to make fear-based choices.

Fear is not the enemy here. We experience fear to guard our hearts and keep us safe from treachery and betrayal. Fear mucks things up when it muddies our intentions and causes us to make fear-based choices that result in us never experiencing what we desire.

You are the catalyst of change.

If you do not like your current circumstances or if you are ready to experience your deepest desires, change is in your hands.

So let’s acknowledge our fears. Let’s honor the circumstances that gave us this wisdom.

Then, let’s change our intention.