Something has been nudging at my heart for a while now. I have reflected on it. Written about it. Meditated on it. Now, I am following my inner authority to “go public” with it.

While it may not be completely original, the perspective that I am guided to share with you is not popular.

It goes against much of what we, as spiritually-conscious and heart-centered people, are taught and what many of us accept as Truth.

My discovery has to do with uncovering another love myth. A love myth is something that appears to be true, but in reality: what it actually does is block love.

I made a video for you where I begin to shed light on the love myth of unconditional love.


As a Love Renegade, I am committed to evolving. I am committed to breaking free of what no longer serves me and shedding light on what I feel suppresses and represses many of us.
You are welcome to dismiss this video, embrace it, or reject it completely. And that is just fine. Free will makes our world a colorful, interesting, and diverse place.