The Universal Love Story is a Love Renegades original video series that documents the lives of six courageous people who chose to have their sessions filmed with me over the course of three months. Each storyline consists of each cast member’s healing process choices as they BREAK FREE OF ILLUSIONS that separate them from love.

I am extremely grateful to each of my cast members for their unique contribution to The Universal Love Story. I am appreciative of both my producer and my loving husband for their ongoing love, support, and commitment to this heart-opening and life-changing project.

Anthony – He’s charming, talented, and ready to follow his dreams and find love in the process. Watch what unfolds for Anthony as he follows his personal legend. Click here to watch Anthony’s intro video:

Brit –  She’s gorgeous and knows exactly what she wants. She is willing to do whatever it takes to experience LOVE — on her terms. Watch what unfolds for Brit as she goes outside her comfort zone. Click here to watch Brit’s intro video:

Kiki – She’s a loving leader who runs a social enterprise in Nairobi, Kenya. Watch what unfolds for Kiki as she chooses to love and value herself in the same way she loves and values others. Click here to watch Kiki’s intro video:

Nicole – She’s a business owner, a single mom, and a non-conformist who chooses to break free of the constraints she’s experienced in her relationships. Watch what unfolds for Nicole as she stays true to herself and opens her heart to new insights on how she can access her Gifts. Click here to watch Nicole’s intro video:

Stacy –  She’s on an adventure in a new city and ready to go outside her comfort zone and transcend some negative patterns. Watch what unfolds for Stacy as she deals with change and confronts challenges. Click here to watch Stacy’s intro video:

Victoria – She’s a successful go-getter, single mom, and passionate activist who’s ready to say yes to having a partnership with a man who’s at her level. Watch Victoria’s journey unfold as she opens her heart and surrenders to the magic of love. Click here to watch Victoria’s intro video: