We are living in times of unspeakable violence. Many of us are afraid. There are so many uncertainties right now. People are lashing out at one another—with some even choosing to murder and to commit acts of terror—toward others who are different.

My heart goes out to Orlando. My heart goes out to the needless suffering happening in our world on all levels today—global, relational, social, and personal. Instead of feeling hopeless and staying in this place of despair, I am choosing to continue an empowered path of healing by being the change that I want to see in the world. Have you or will you make a similar choice?

Let me tell you a story…

When I first began a “spiritual journey,” I was instructed by several people not to focus on the negative—ever. I was told that if I did that, I might attract negativity to me. It was also gently suggested that I stop watching the news. Does this sound familiar?

For a brief moment in time, I abided. As an empath, I bought into the nonsense that I was too sensitive to be aware of what was happening in real life to other people. But then—thankfully not too much later—I snapped out of it! Instead of choosing to fear the world and to keep a low profile so that I would not get hurt or experience pain, I chose to be a part of the world and to let my light shine!

In this process, it was affirmed that that yes, bad things DO happen—who knew? [Le sigh.] And at the same time, I opened my eyes to the good things—extraordinary events even—that happened too. This phenomenon is possible as we live in a world of polarity. This is Universal Law.

On my empowered path of healing, I have found that growth happens in discomfort. The times we are living in are highly uncomfortable. I take this to mean that we are living in a time of great transformation and healing. And in all of this, we have a choice. We may not be able to prevent other people from committing acts of terror and violence and trying to change another person’s belief system is like throwing your energy into a bottomless pit. It is a futile process. Even though we may not be able to directly change the situation, we always have a choice to choose love over fear and to heal and to grow. What is your choice?

Will you choose to tune everything out? To escape? Will you choose to continue the cycle of violence by lashing out at yourself—with negative self-talk and self-sabotage? Will you choose to blame other people for your problems? OR will you make a new choice—a love-based choice instead?

Just for clarification…a love-based choice does not include being wimpy, letting people walk all over you, and holding onto relationships out of fear of what the other person may or may not do, or because you do not want to be judged for being “mean.” Boundaries and knowing what yours are a part of the empowered path of healing.

Would you like to know my motivation for choosing relationships and love to be the focus of my business? It was not only because I am good at what I do. It was not just because romantic love, conscious partnership, and all things love make my heart go pitter-patter. It was not only because I have experienced huge amounts of healing and transformation from creating my relationship with my husband, Daniel. All of this is true! Absolutely!

The main reason I chose love and relationships is because I believe that love is the greatest healer. If we, as humans—if you, as the individual—are courageous enough to heal, then WOW.
To heal fully and completely from the inside out, and to experience the reflection of this courageous act of love—this empowered path of healing— in your intimate relationships—THEN DOUBLE, Triple, Quadruple “FUCK YEAH” WOW! 🙂