When I wake up in the morning, my first thought is “I can’t wait! Let’s do this!” Years ago if you would have told me that I would be jumping at the chance to get out of bed and get to work: I would have responded with a combination of amusement, intrigue, suspicion and disbelief!

But that was before I chose to completely heal my broken heart through connecting with my soul. That was before I chose to listen to my inner wisdom, follow my heart, and ruthlessly abide by my own advice!

Listen to me read my Revolt for Love Manifesto here!

The day I chose to follow my heart, everything changed. My relationships shifted. My confidence grew. I got rid of all the meanies, the naysayers—-the toxic people in my life—-and now I am IN LOVE with life!

Each morning, I have an incredible amount of gratitude for my sexy entrepreneur husband and our adorable pets! I love that I have chosen to truly LIVE a life that exudes LOVE and to have this reflected to me in my relationship with my husband and in what we have created together!

Before I used to be overcome with grief at all the manipulation, disruption, and deception in the world.

Now my heart glows when I notice an illusion or a manipulation. Why? Because I know that if I can see it, I get to voice it and choose not to buy into it! By shedding light or guiding another person into making a new choice—-a love-based and soul-driven choice—-the illusion loses power and the person sets themselves free!

What I found is that love is not always fluffy and cuddly. Love is often telling someone the truth or setting a clear boundary.

Love is the greatest healer that way, and the healing process can be messy. Things often come to light that we do not like. We can either choose to ignore this or be intimated by it or sweep it under the rug OR we can choose to be courageous and TRANSFORM the situation.

Courage is the vehicle of love!

On the flip side, my heart breaks when I watch someone—-who knows better—-choose fear over love, because they have bought into an illusion that they have no other choice. This really, really bothers me, but I deal with it through knowing that I have done my part by showing them the illusion and communicating new options of response to them.

I often joke about how my clients are all better than me. They are heart-centered, loving people who are fiercely committed to having their best relationships—-on their terms——and being the change they want to see in the world.

More than anything, I care about empowering my clients to heal—-like really heal from the inside out—-and to have the healing positively impact their relationship with themselves—-more self-love, self-trust, and grounded self-confidence—-and of course: to have this really sexy energy reflected back to them in their love life too!

In my world, intuition is an absolute necessity. Sure, a person (most people actually) can get through life using only reason and following research and opinions of other “experts” but without intuition and a clear connection to your heart and inner wisdom, discernment and intention can be muddled.

It takes a strong person to follow their heart and think for themselves!

It takes an even stronger person to go deep into the depths of their psyche and to heal their heart and soul. Breaking free of the status quo and healing is always a fabulous idea. It is the most high vibe act of rebellion there is!!

Doing something the “right way” or someone else’s way is overrated and sweeping everything under the rug is an ultimate no. It is the easy and yet soul-crushing way out. It is saying that you have nothing unique to contribute, that you are too weak to connect with your true feelings, and that what you care about most is tip-toeing to the grave.

That is NOT LOVE. That is fear!

When I die, I want to be remembered as a person who didn’t hold back. A person who loved fiercely and courageously and did not let anyone—-not even herself—-off the hook!

And who inspired others to heal, break free, and REVOLT FOR LOVE!

How does my manifesto make you feel? How will you revolt for love today? One way you can revolt for love is by shedding light on the love myths that hold YOU back. I can help you do this with a Love Myth Breakthrough Session. Find out more by clicking here.

Love Renegade Blessings,