You stand there, seething. Clenching your fists and grinding your teeth. The adrenaline pulsates throughout your body. Your heart is pounding. You feel yourself about to boil over.
Then, your voice begins to shake. Are those tears? Oh no! What were you going to say? The feelings that you have in your body can somehow not make their way into words. Instead, you are standing there feeling humiliated and unsupported.

What you are experiencing right now is a cross roads. While you may not realize it at this moment, this challenge is an opportunity to heal and step into your power—-to be the badass love renegade that you are!!

Even if you feel like life is totally unfair right now—-even if you have been rejected—-Even as you endure your heartbreak, I want you to know that you have choice.

This is your “make or break” moment!!

This is your opportunity to practice unconVENtional love!

Let me back up a bit…

When it comes to “love” and our intimate relationships, a lot of buttons can be pushed. Whether it is with your partner or a date gone wrong—what once brought you so much excitement and joy—is now seen as a source of pain.

How do you deal?

If you are like most people, you go into either fight or flight mode. This is completely human, and it is a combination of the following:

  • Lashing out
  • Feeling victimized
  • Shutting down
  • Neglecting yourself
  • Trying to make the situation better at all costs
  • Seeking approval
  • Struggling to effectively communicate your feelings

The good news is that the way you deal with fight or flight is they key to transforming your relationship karma and healing your love life.

This is unconventional love in action.

By practicing unconventional love, you reclaim your relationship with love. You become a master in transforming your love life from a battle field and into your own personal field of dreams.

What does it feel like you to you?

Does it sound easier said than done?

Does this perspective feel a little too airy-fairy for you?

Or maybe, this possibility terrifies you.

Even if you are afraid, will you still choose to step into your power and make your way to an empowered path of healing?

This is why I made a new video.

In this video, I will NOT tell you to “turn the other cheek.” Instead I will walk you through how you can begin to create your best relationship—-on your terms—-by practicing unconVENtional love.

Watch the video here.


After you watch the video, please feel free to comment or reach out to me with any feedback. I sincerely love empowering you to break the laws of love, heal your heart, and be the badass love renegade that you are.

Sending love, Lauren