For a highly conscious person, a conversation can be revolutionary.

Good questions and insights open the door to healing, connect us with our soul, and point us in an aligned direction.

In that moment, we feel our world change. We feel like “we got this.”

Until we no longer feel this way anymore…

Unfortunately, not long after our big “breakthrough,” we realize that nothing in our life has actually changed.

In this moment, we can choose to be disillusioned, feel helpless, OR we can choose another path.

And of course, we always having the option of feeling helpless—even when we are choosing another path.

This is the empowered path of healing. This is courage.


Courage is highly important in the healing process. Let me tell you why, but first let’s talk about what I mean when I use the word “healing.”

First, healing is NOT only about feeling better. Yes, feeling better has a lot do with it, but truthfully: sometimes healing does not always feel too great in the process.

In fact, during or shortly after a healing session, we may experience emotions that we don’t really like at all. We may even feel quite uncomfortable.

Some of us may choose to make ourselves wrong for having these emotions. We may try to meditate them away, dismiss them, and banish these emotions out of our system. We might even lash out at the healer (aka the messenger) or other people. And we do this…not because the information is “bad” or disempowering, but because of the opposite.

In that moment, we are enlightened to our magnificence and we struggle with our own light.

These responses come from our ego or what I lovingly refer to as Junior. These methods of response, or rejecting the information, and experiencing these uncomfortable emotions are not good, bad, right, or wrong, but if you are not careful: they can sabotage you.

See, Junior is quite clever. Here is how Junior works:

  • We do not allow ourselves to acknowledge our emotions or what we are experiencing
  • We acknowledge the breakthrough and we are afraid to go deeper
  • We actually do feel much better and we even take a bit of new action, and from that we think, “Ok I am good. That’s enough healing for now. Thank you.” 🙂

If we are not mindful of Junior, buying into these Junior strategies, or resistance mechanisms may lead to stagnation and zero change.

And if that is what we want, then great! Honestly, some of us—most of us actually—would rather feel better about circumstances than create new ones. Some of us even mistake “peace” for status quo. All of this fine! No judgement here! 🙂

But for those of you who choose an empowered path of healing, you are different. And you are in for quite a ride, because on this path, you get to be courageous! You get to disrupt outmoded ways of thinking. You get to confront illusions. You get to step out of your shadow and into the light.

It may not always feel too great, but on an empowered path of healing, you get to actually experience (not just feel) positive changes in your environment, you relationships, and your well-being.