This week I will be traveling to India to speak at the Women’s Economic and Empowerment Forum. My husband, Daniel, my sexiest best friend in the whole world, is coming with me. We are going to mix business with romance. After drinking in insanely beautiful beach sunsets in Goa, we will catch a flight to New Delhi, the city where the conference is being held, where I will speak about “Letting Love Lead the Way” and “Opening the Gates of Love.”

This is a dream that I have held in my heart for years!! If you read “My Rock Bottom”, my blog from last week, you will know that getting to this point used to be really, really far away. I was so separated from Love that the closest I could have gotten to this moment was either in sleep-inspired dream-land or through my imagination. A series of choices were made over the years to bring me to this current point.

Another dream of mine is everyone to have their own version of this. For this reason, I wanted to share a bit about my process with you without giving you an “easy seven step formula to follow” or anything like that. These how-to “cooke-cutter” style formulas do not work anyway. They do not work because they lack YOUR energetic contribution and participation.

Let me elaborate…

If you are reading this, you are unique and have your own way of doing things. We might be similar, but we are both different people with different souls and different preferences. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa.

What I will do is shed light on universal truths that can enlighten you to things that you can STOP DOING as soon as possible. The choices I am referring to are the ones that are separating you from Love. When you stop doing these things, you will attract more opportunities to experience LOVE—-on your terms!!

If you are open and accepting of what I share, you stand the chance of forging a connection that paves the way for you to:

Dig deep
Reclaim your personal power
Make waves in your relationships, your LOVE LIFE, and other parts of your life too!!

This is a complete healing and lifestyle choice. When you heal, you release blocks to Love. You reconnect with your heart—-your greatest ally—-and your soul, your personal source of power! This powerful reconnection allows you to REGULATE! When you regulate, you #revoltforlove. You approach “problems” in a conscious and enlightened way that creates CHANGE THAT YOU LOVE!

To assist you in this process, I have include snippets of a talk that I recently did at the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Texas called “Choosing Truth Over Illusion.” As you watch, I invite you to:

Check in with your own heart
Observe your feelings, thoughts, and insights.
Pay attention to what the content ignites in you (and write that shit out!!! )

Some of what I share may seem “obvious.” You may also feel angry, frustrated, and uncomfortable. All of this is totally OK. It’s really important information!!! Your reaction is a gateway to your own healing and to dismantling illusions that separate you from love.

Watch the videos by clicking on the descriptions for each video segment below.

In this first video, I introduce what an illusion is in the context of Truth.

In this next segment, I talk about a Category 1 Illusion. These are illusions that may have been based in wisdom or truth at one point, but have since deviated.

The next type of illusion, a Category 2 Illusion, is what others told you was true. These illusions are running your life. Conscious awareness of these illusions can set you free.

This highlight your heart’s connection to you and all of the healing opportunities that your present circumstances are offering you.

That’s all for now!

I will be in touch with updates from India. If you have questions or feedback about the content, let me know by leaving a comment!

Sending you so much LOVE!