What’s holding you back?

Most of us hold ourselves back in the following ways:

Money- We say no because of money. We say we do not have enough money to do what we want. Next time you claim money as the reason that you cannot do something, substitute the word power. Do you not have money to do the thing you want to do or do you not have enough power to do the thing you want to do?  Is the money a way to say no without getting into the “real” reasons why or is it valid?  

Time- We say no because of time. We have chosen to spend our time doing other things. This is valid, but are the ways in which you spend your time justifying your fears and keeping you with the same ol’, same ol’, or are they getting you to where you want to go? Does the way you spend your time drain you or restore you?

Change- Most of us fear change because we are comfortable with how things are—even if we do not like it. Your Junior (my word for ego, shadow, etc.) will do whatever it takes to keep things predictable. This is “safety” for Junior. If you hold yourself back because you fear the unknown, remember that according to Universal Law, anything new is created in the “unknown” first. If it has not happened within your personal experience, it’s unknown.

Failure– Most of us do not want to change unless we are guaranteed that we will get everything we want or at the very least a “good outcome.” Well, the most genuine failure is the choice never even to give yourself the opportunity to fail.

I get that it’s scary to talk about these things, but it’s a part of Living Beyond Illusion—which, as we discussed on Monday, is so much more than a group coaching program. It’s an entire lifestyle and way of being!  Click here to read “Here’s what happens when you live beyond illusion.”

When I work with clients within a coaching environment, I am supportive and patient in helping everyone see through their illusions, fears, and perceived limitations. I have witnessed amazing transformations within my client, and I would love for you to give yourself this opportunity. 

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Here’s what happens when you live beyond illusion

What happens when you Live Beyond Illusion?

  1. You become more aligned to your Divine Self-Expression—meaning that you’re as authentic as ever and aware of your gifts, value, and unique contribution.
  2. Your relationships become increasingly fulfilling and satisfying. Because you know your value, you aren’t trying to prove yourself or unconsciously manipulate.
  3. Abundance becomes fun and easy—as it was always intended—instead of buying into the illusion of hard work and questioning your value. 
  4. You unplug from what everyone else is doing and see the light-filled opportunity in every challenge, obstacle, and situation. 
  5. You step into having an empowered mind and break free of mistaken thinking. This allows for new levels of creativity and perception—setting you apart from “the norm.”
  6. Your intuition grows, and you step into new levels of self-trust and self-confidence—knowing that you are a reflection of Divine Intelligence.
  7. You become more of a Divine Rebel, a Love Renegade. You release the need to live in fear.


Living Beyond Illusion is more than just my brand-new six-month group program—it’s an entire way of being! Get all the details here. 


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Illusion of Absorption- Video

NEW VIDEO about the Illusion of Absorption, the Illusion of Relationship™ that separates you from love with mistaken thinking, over thinking, and believing you know everything!

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/J8KydWyPwks

Read the transcription below, but it is highly recommended that you watch the video!

Today I am so excited to connect with you about the Illusion of Absorption. This the 5th of the Illusions of Relationship. This one separates from Love and disconnects you from your heart by keeping you in your head and in the space being a know-it-all, trying to figure everything out, thinking you have everything figured out. It is totally an illusion because as much as it is hard to admit or accept, there is no such thing as certainly.  Yes, when we are under the  Illusion of Absorption we take in everything that we have learned, we absorb it, and it is really hard for us to open ourselves up to other perspectives. But really, we have hit a wall. Really, we can only see as far as our perspective will allow us to see. What this can do is it keeps you in your heard. It can make your heart cold.  You might feel that you are disappointed by people or that you are disappointing others in some way. You might have some really logical reasons as to why. I have such much love and compassion for you. We’ve all been there. My advice to you is to have love and compassion with yourself to recognize “my heart is cold. It’s a little cold right now.  I have some healing to do. Yes, I have done a lot already, but there is still more.”  Just set that intention for you to attract the resources and the people ( the coach or healer or mentor) who can support you with what.


Can empaths find love too?

Can empaths find love too?

Are you an empath? In 2015 I made a video on my YouTube channel—back when I called my business Bee Loving Bee Wise, owned the title of Love Psychic, and for the most part, did not include my middle name when introducing myself.  To my surprise I saw that this video has almost 4.5K views!!  I had no idea the impact the video would make.  Although I do not often use the word “empath” it is very much a part of my life and the lives of my clients.  Being an empath in relationships or an empath in dating definitely has its own set of challenges.  Over the years I have worked with clients on using their high sensitivity and empathy to their advantage while dating and within their relationships.

If you are an empath, highly intuitive sensitive person, please know that I am devoted to serving you in having incredible relationships and enjoying your life fully and completely.

Watch my video from 2015 here===>https://youtu.be/6DM8aijQkTA

Sending you so much love!

Find a slightly modified transcription of the video below 👇 👇 👇

Are you an empath? An empath is someone who is beautifully sensitive and can really feel the emotions of someone else. This is a really beautiful and sacred gift. The thing is sometimes empaths will take on other peoples’ energies and emotions and the energy of the room. They will do it like it is their own.

When an empath is in a romantic or intimate relationship or when an empath is on the dating scene—it is usually a different experience for this type of person—because this person is very much feeling the other person’s emotions, the other person’s energy, and the other person’s stuff. If they are at a party with a lot of people, they are going to feel that as well.

So let’s say that you [as an empath are] feeling great and you go to an event and you are excited to meet people. Sure, you might be a bit nervous—totally normal—but  when you initially agreed to go to the event or go on the date, you felt good about it! And then you went to the event or date, you felt kind of weird, a bit uncomfortable, and kind of slimed. Maybe you even felt sick or felt like crying. Maybe this experience did not make sense! Maybe you felt like it was you! Or, maybe you are an empath who really absorbed and felt the collective energy of the room or you were just so tuned in to the other person’s stuff!

Now, I am in NO WAY saying that you should not leave the house or that you are this person who has this horrible affliction and that there is nothing that can be done about it.  No! I am not saying that at all.

The truth is you can still have amazing fulfilling relationships where you are receiving love and appreciation from the other person and you are giving love and appreciation to the other person. All of this is highly possible.  What it takes is for you to know what you want, be aware of how you are feeling, and to realize, “hey, maybe all this heavy energy that I am feeling isn’t mine.”

So anyway, I am an empath too and this is something that I have had to deal with in my dating life, relationship life, married life, and in being a somewhat social person in general…During a home yoga practice, the most beautiful message came through to me and I had to stop my yoga practice because all I wanted to do was just get this message out so that I could share it with you. I call this the Empath’s Creed.

Even though I feel the pain of the world. Every insecurity. Every worry. Every bill unpaid. Every judgement. Every instance of a lack of trust.Each betrayal. Every expectation that was never and could never be met.  I remember that I have a choice. I can choose to believe and buy into that humanity has fallen. I can choose to believe that I am insignificant and that I don’t matter. Or instead, I can choose to remember who I am and what I stand for. I am profoundly grateful.  I AM GRATITUDE. Even at my darkest moment, I choose love. This does mean that I have to like everyone or allow myself to be treated badly. What it does mean is that each moment allows an opportunity.  An opportunity for love. An opportunity for change. And an opportunity to choose.

So from my heart to your heart—may your day be filled with love and gratitude. When you are with your special someone, significant other, friends, [or] you are on a date with someone you have not met, you are at a networking event, or party at someone’s house—whatever it is: remember how you are feeling, how you are being, and that you have a choice. You matter.